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There is a large consulting option for testers. The Editor as tourist also directs Bali as its creation of proxy.

The conversation is about Xfreehosting asian sexuality and the men are asking her questions which she answers confidently and throws backs to them, eliciting awkward responses. The scene changes to show one of the men and the lady on the bed, and a 13 minute sex scene ensues. After, the lady is filmed Xfreehosting asian on the bed masturbating disinterestedly. During this scene she receives two phone calls from clients, and returns to herself without a climax. She and the man then Xfreehosting asian together, washing themselves individually. In the next scene the first man is replaced by the second who is on the bed with the lady.

They proceed to have sex but he is clumsy and unable to sustain an erection, and the film closes. The sex worker was paid Rp. He and another man Amin were later arrested in October, and charged under Article of the criminal code which relates to the distribution of pornographic material. Filmed in Julyand becoming public in October of that year, Itenas or Bandung Lautan Asmara showed a young couple from Bandung have passionate sex in a hotel room in South Jakarta. Adi Bin Achmad Amed a twenty year old student from Itenas University and his girlfriend Nanda, a nineteen year-old student from Padjadjaran University Unpadmade a film together, performing various sexual acts over a weekend of filming, producing an hour long memento of their weekend.

The film opens on a group of friends in a hotel room, who soon after Xfreehosting asian the couple to themselves. They start petting on a couch and later in the night, move to the bed performing mutual genital stimulation, coitus and oral sex. The following morning they play with the camera, then later in the bathroom they bathe together and have sex. The mood throughout the film is congenial and erotic, with the two students enjoying their sex romp together. The VCD shop worker retrieved the film from the computer's 'recycle bin', copied it and the film entered public circulation and by November had attracted the attention of many Indonesians and the film was circulating widely.

Later they arrested the two students primarily under Article of the Criminal Code, and also under Article 40 c of the Film Law for not submitting the film to the censors and Emergency Law No. The public in this case were largely polarised, either in abhorrence at their acts or in support of their innocence in regards to intending to release the film. Social and religious sanctions were strong, Amed was expelled from his university and according to hearsay, Nanda left Indonesia. The Bandung Prosecutor's Office later dropped the case against Amed and Nanda on the grounds that they had never intended to distribute or show the film 'Indecent Exposure, Police Indecency', Tempo, November 12, A lot less is known about the following film with a similar title to its predecessor, Medan Lautan Asmara released later in The film shows a young couple from Medan in a cheap hotel room possibly having sex for the first time.

The camera is placed in the corner of the room, and records continuously for the film's twenty minute duration. The girl is fairly inactive during the film, and it is he who prompts sexual relations. During the sex she is passive and stiff. He climbs off leaves the shot and returns with a glass of water. Again he climbs on her to have sex, to which she responds to by wrapping herself up further in the sheets. The film thus closes. Medan Lautan Asmara documents some of the relationship dynamics at work in one particular couples' sex life. It is fraught by ill-communication, and by the pressure of the camera in the room, filming what could be their first time having sex.

At points during the film she is worried about getting pregnant, but he seems oblivious to the possibility, ejaculating inside her without using a condom. His general attitude is callous, with little regard for his girlfriend. Rumour has it that the boy released this film as revenge on his girlfriend after she broke up with him soon after this film. The film received very little attention in the media and nothing of the scale of Bandung Lautan Asmara, of which Medan Lautan Asmara was named after. The 62 minute film is divided into two sections, and it was only the first part that received much public attention.

In the first section nine models appear in a studio setting, in what appears to be the rough cut from a bath soap advertisement casting. The girls, ranging in age from 16 to 22 describe themselves, and taking orders from the 'director', pose to varying stages of undress and simulate washing themselves. The second half of the film is less clear and is shot elsewhere. Much of it is similar to the first section, and appears like a casting. It includes a section where two stark naked women are on a bed together, posing. As it turns out, the soap casting was a scam, engineered by three men who worked in a Jakarta based video company. The girls involved believed that it was a proper casting and had auditioned without realising the scam.

They were at one point questioned by the police as accomplices. The men were arrested under Articles and and sentenced. Another less reported film called Gadis Baliku, was filmed in a karaoke bar in Bali and shows a Caucasian man have sex with a sex worker. It opens on the scene of a young Indonesian girl singing in front of a screen that is showing a porn film. A Caucasian man sits before her on a couch masturbating. A standard pornography film sequence follows with fellatio, cunnilingus, vaginal and anal penetration and finally his orgasm.

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Throughout the film she is scared but acquiescent toward him, and he is brutal and forceful in his actions. Very little Xfreehosring out in the media about this film asiab nobody was Xfreehosting asian in asin film. Personal contacts suggested azian the film may Xfeeehosting have actually been from Bali, but Xfreehosting asian song she sings at the beginning is clearly in Indonesian. The Caucasian as tourist also suggests Bali as its aeian of production. The film also involves an unknown third party who operates the camera, and at one point gives directions to the girl. Six Indonesian models of varying fame were filmed through a changing room's two-way mirror in a voyeur film dubbed Ganti Baju, or Changing Clothes.

In October these models were modelling for advertisements at a photo studio in Asem Baris, Tebet, in Jakarta. A studio owned and run by Budi Han. This thirty minute long Xfreehostinng shows them, one Xfreehostijg one, preparing themselves for the audition Xfreehosting asian changing outfits during the session. At times the cameraman is reflected in the mirror he is filming Xreehosting, and he is also accompanied by a second man at one asiqn. The two-way mirror has been purposely installed in the changing room and its uses other than this are not xsian.

The film became public in Apriland was prominent in the news during April Xfreheosting May. The artists involved were scandalised, and their bodies Xfreehosging become public property. All had gone onto more prominent media positions: One of aisan models was only asiah at the time. Femmy Permatasari and Asiaj filed a asiwn against Xfreehowting Han. Budi Han admitted to being the mastermind of the film and was later sentenced to one year in prison. The artists involved asizn outraged at his light sentence, claiming their reputations were ruined 'Pornography: The two defining features of these six films — that separate them from other pornographic film in Indonesia — is that these films are non-professional and not foreign, or amateur and local.

This not only significantly differentiates them from other products on the market such that we can talk of a new phenomenon, moreover they contain within them descriptions of Indonesian sexuality. This important difference and consequence has not been sufficiently noted in the Indonesian press or in analysis of pornography in Indonesia. The approach taken by Tempo journalists has been on the one hand to sensationalise these films and on the other to treat them as if they were industry pornography. Likewise, Muntaqo in his book Porno: Definisi dan Kontroversi4 takes pornography unproblematically as a monolithic form without considering these nuances. A few points will be suffice to highlight how these six films differ from other professional or industry produced films.

First the films contain no evidence of post-production and none of them have titles or credits. The titles that each film has was euphemistically given after their release, and whilst descriptive do imitate the titles of softcore films. Most notable is the title Bandung Lautan Asmara which is a parody of Bandung Lautan Api Bandung Ocean of Firethe famous burning of Bandung by its residents so that the returning Dutch could not retake control. Likewise the covers of the films, similar in style to the covers of other porn films available on the black market, were not made by the filmmakers but made afterwards by people copying the CDs. Secondly, in most of the films with the exception of Gadis Baliku and Medan Lautan Asmara the police were able to identify and arrest those involved in the films.

Despite the absence of credits and titles, pornography's illegality led to the necessary pursuit of those involved. In Anak Ingusan and Bandung Lautan Asmara, the police revealed that the people involved were ordinary people who had made the film as a one- off venture. Both the voyeur films, although made by men already in the industry, were made separate to their profession, and the victims were able to identify where and when they were filmed. All six films involve 'real people' and not people acting or following a script. Thirdly, the situations and encounters they document are not fictional and in that sense non- commercial.

The films are hardly successful either: The closest film to a professional production is Gadis Baliku. The role of the Western protagonist in this case cannot be underestimated in trying to create a professional-looking film. In that this film is a copy, or an individual's attempt to copy, is the closest any of the six films comes to being professional and all are markedly amateur productions. The most notable characteristic of these six films is they are not professional or industrial productions and this has important implications for the consideration of pornography in this case. Much of the media discourse about these films has seen them as Indonesian versions of foreign industrial pornography, the police pursued those involved using Article of the criminal code relating to the distribution of pornographic material and the black market itself sells these films alongside foreign titles, such that together the general understanding of these films is that they are on a par with professional pornography.

It is therefore necessary to consider these films outside of popular discourses and away from legal discussions in order to understand these films as cultural products. Tracing the genesis of these films is a more complicated but necessary operation and two often discussed possibilities come to mind. The first is that these films are a direct result of Westernisation, and they are another example of how Indonesians are adopting Western norms and values in regards to sex and pornography. The experience of foreign pornography has certainly contributed to the production of these pieces in varying ways to each of the protagonists.

However the films are not replicas of foreign pornography. The assumption that they are is politically and morally convenient reasoning which relies on a simple association than any empirical basis. Secondly is that this pornography has emerged as a direct consequence of the press freedom which came after the dissolution of the Ministry of Information. As these films are Xfreehosting asian productions, these films are not part of the press per se and are quite distinct in their mode of existence. They exist outside the formal media sphere as illegal material produced and distributed by the black market.

Lukas Luwarso the Executive Director of the Indonesian Press Council wrote an impassioned defence of the press in Indonesia, arguing that whilst the press was yet to mature pornography is very different to the press. The moral panic surrounding pornography — in all its forms — has led to the simple belief that press freedom is responsible for pornography. The emergence of locally made VCD pornography in Indonesia is far more complicated and it is necessary to turn to the content of the six films themselves.

The men who made Anak Ingusan and Gadis Baliku obtained their female partners by patronising a sex worker. It is an easy step from hiring a sex worker for sex and to filming Xfreehostlng encounter and no doubt part of the exchange Xfreehosting asian both cases was to make a film out of the encounter. These two films are only possible because of the commodified services of the asisn worker, and she makes it easier for these men, who have no other access Xffreehosting the female body. Particularly the case for the Caucasian tourist whose only access to the eroticised body of the other is through the medium of money.

This places a much greater emphasis on the act of sexual intercourse and more than in any of the other films, especially noticeably in Anak Ingusan in the scene in which the sex worker masturbates for the purposes of the film and not because she was unsatisfied as one magazine at the time suggested. The sex worker-client relationship, whilst established as a premise, in neither case does it fully determine the encounter or determine the content of the film being made. From the beginning of Anak Ingusan it is clear that the sex worker has had more sexual experience than the two men and that she is clearly more confident and dominant.

Further, the men's poor sexual performance undermines their position as competent sexual actors. Gadis Baliku is different in that the Caucasian man is powerfully dominant of her. A man moves between the legs of his lady and finds her already wet with excitement because she knows whats coming. Gorgeous teen dildoing creamy pussy on.

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