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Therapy some pussy by Jackie and Monix, is not convinced that it is a young score. In the typical capsules of the first there, Jackie gets nailed vertigo by Petrelli while taking up for a black and is needed.

The Tropics begin playing better with Monix, as well as the increased intensity of Clarence Withers, the Tropics' best player. Monix trains the team rigorously with a play he calls the "Puke" as the players are to run it, until they literally throw up. From Monix's training, the Tropics go on a winning run, moving from last to fifth.

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Jackie begins to stage extremely desperate stunts, like slnging a bear named Dewie. Ellia English as Ms. Withers decides he has seen enough and rushes into the Tropics locker rooms with the rest of the team, which angers the Spurs. During halftime, an unconscious Jackie imagines that he is in heaven with his mother.

With the return of Withers, the alley-oop is very effective, but the referee calls the play a foul. Jackie trades the team's washing machine to the Kentucky Colonels for Ed Monix, a backup point guard who won an NBA Championship with the Boston Celticsbut did not play during the playoffs. Maura Tierney as Lynn — Ed Monix's love interest. Sometime after the Mega Bowl, Dukes receives 2, dollars from Jackie via a package as well as a letter promising to pay the rest after the NBA merger, much to Dukes' surprise and happiness. Jackie gets a visit from the Commissioner.

The Tropics take advantage of this new strategy and begin coming back.

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Monix takes over as offensive and defensive coordinator and starting point guard, leaving Jackie as the head coach. The second bounces off the rim but Monix tips it in right at the buzzer for two points to win, sparking a wild celebration in the arena and the streets of Flint. Realizing that all his assets are basically stolen, Jackie trades Withers to the Spurs so that he may realize his dream of playing in the NBA. Plot[ edit ] InJackie Moon is a singer who used the profits from his one-hit wonder"Love Me Sexy," to buy a basketball team in the American Basketball Association ABAthe Flint Tropics, becoming the owner, head coach, and starting power forward.

Rob Corddry as Kyle — Lynn's new boyfriend. After some persuasion by Jackie and Monix, is soon convinced that it is a legitimate score.

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