Wild melons facial

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Watermelon Seed Oil

Detoxifying Saturday — It is trying in detoxifying bantu formulations. It slots our girls as well as the happy system.

It is not clear whether it is suitable for edible use, however one can make many uses of this oil in home made beauty products.

Facial Wild melons

It protects our lipids as well as the nervous system. It can be used as a hot oil treatment on the hair to achieve smooth, shiny but much less greasy hair. Heat changes the composition of fatty acids and other nutrients in the seeds which reflects in the oils. Watermelon seed oil for Hair Watermelon seed oil forms a nice smelling ingredient in hair care formulations.

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This vitamin improves the functioning of our facal system and also acts as a powerful antioxidant. It is a powerful skin cleanser and detoxifier. There are many ways in which this oil is extracted. Cosmetic products — Watermelon seed oil is used as an ingredient in many topical application products for skin and hair.

Protects the Liver Watermelon seed oil is a hepatoprotective. This oil has been used for cooking by native people of Kalahari desert, although it is not used for cooking nowadays in most places. Its high concentration of unsaturated fats makes it good for the heart and cardiovascular system. Another variety used for extracting oil is the Citrullus vulgaris.

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