What is naked leather

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If it says split aniline jacket, it was made using the weaker letaher split layer of leather. However a top nxked full grain aniline jacket is a good quality naksd. Vegetable Dye Leather Any type of organic matter used to dye leather is called vegetable dye. The leather is immersed in a tannic acid bath and repeated several times. Leather treated this way is very strong and stiff and will not stretch. This type of leather is often used for belts, saddles, harnesses and stuff like that. Colored dye leather You can dye a leather any color you want.

There are a lot of different ways they dye leather. Some are cheap and flake off, or wear off. Others are soaked into it and become part of the leather. A colored leather jacket is popular with women.

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If your looking for os quality colored jacket, nakwd a good brand name and leathre will carry quality colored leather. Other finishes With all the different chemicals and stuff out there, a lot of leather gets treated with dozens of different things to make it look shiny, colorful or more expensive. Some is nothing more than a spray paint they cover cheap leather, running off in the rain and smelling like rubber. A lot of the patchwork leather is sprayed with a shiny coat to help protect it, but in time it flakes off and then you have exposed raw leather under it. Soon it looks like a hundred mice have been chewing on it! You would be wise to stay away from a really shiny leather jacket.

So, what the hell is the best type lather leather motorcycle jacket to get? They are not defect free, but they do have fewer imperfections. Other leathers are corrected by sanding etc to remove the imperfections. Semi uses a small amount of pigment whereas the full naked leather does not use any. Semi naked is a very nice looking soft leather.

Naked leather is What

We can separate leathsr leather into two categories, 1 Soft Milled, and 2 Plain Milled. Milled cowhide is a more available and therefore affordable leather Whxt the cowhide that is used to make milled leather does not need to be perfect. These milled cowhides are corrected via processes such as sanding etc and have a more uniform appearance. The term Milled is just a way to separate nicer cowhide from cheaper cowhide leathers such as split skin.

Milled actually refers to the part of production where the lfather is put into a milling machine and rotated. Basically like a large clothes dryer minus the air and heat. This tumbling process softens the leather and allows the natural fine lines in the leather to intensify. Milled is a very common leather type for motorcycle vests. Buffalo leather has a non-uniform pattern of lines and streaks see the comparison photo on this page. Some like the pattern; others do not.

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