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This is essential to keeping up the pretense that the RMBS certificates actually derived their value from the loans when in fact the situation was quite the reverse. Defendants relentlessly sought to discredit, undermine and ultimately destroy those companies so that Ocwen would be cast aside and replaced with mortgage servicers that were unwilling or unable to perform loan modifications but instead would immediately execute foreclosures as Defendants wanted. The writ substantially describes the judgment and if the judgment is for money, the writ shall state the amount actually due.

Procedures for Real and Personal Property Sales Sales of Real Property The attorney for the plaintiff may entertain an opening bid on the day of the sale. Defendants were well aware that their ruthless strategy was forcosure to the laws, regulations and policy of the United States, well-established industry standards and contractual obligations explicitly provided for in the governing MBS and mortgage servicing documents. Hence since mortgage payments were not going to the trust and since the investor payments were not made by the trust, no advances were required nor paid by third parties, who were propping up an enormous PONZI scheme.

When the property is sold, all or most of the proceeds goes to the servicer as a credit against nonexistent advances. Please note that the successful bidder is responsible for buying the necessary stamp tax and having the property recorded.

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The base price of the personal property is determined by the amount of debt owed by the defendant. Do you have assets--a second car, jewelry, a whole life insurance policy--that you can sell for cash to help reinstate your loan? It all made sense except that the reality was quite the reverse — the intermediaries owed their profits to the investors less fees. First, the certificate holders were not ever receiving mortgage payments; they were receiving unsecured bond payments made by third parties on behalf of the illusion of the trust.

The Plaintiffs are companies that you most likely never heard about.

Forclosure Virgin island

Review your finances and see where you can cut spending in order to make your mortgage payment. If the item purchased is a vehicle, a certificate of ownership will be issued and the bidder would take this certificate of ownership to the Motor Vehicle Bureau to change the vehicle title. Water Island is only minutes off the shores of St Thomas and offers an amazing amount of privacy on the many little beaches surrounding the island. In the case of real property, such notice shall be posted for four weeks prior to the day of sale and shall be published once a week for the same period. And they find that that the applications for modification were blocked, just as many of us have said, by parties who were pulling the strings.

Instead a book entry was made off the record as though a servicer was making payments on behalf of a homeowner who was not paying on the loan.

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