Vintage rose gold jewelry

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Antique Rose Gold Ring

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This is an illusion and is all in the clever design. They have been set with white paste with a pear shaped pink paste in each one. The letter has six small rose diamonds set into it.

It is surrounded by small well matched white diamonds with a diamond on either side. The emeralds, rubies and pearls would jewelrh been sourced in India as huge amounts of gems were imported at that time from the Far East and made up in England. This was a common practice with Victorian and Edwardian jewellery. There is a snake like creature and a man holding a flag. This style of ring is ideal worn as an engagement ring.

This ring would make a small engagement gulf. Alas an untouched present to give to someone you federal.

It would be an ideal engagement ring. It is unusual because of the unusually large opals which jewflry well matched lively stones with flashes of blue, green and red. He employed these soon after his return to Bergen. It is a sweetheart brooch with a flower at either end. In between are four diamonds in diamond shaped settings. It unscrews at the base.

The sapphires are good well matched natural stones. This brooch is typical of his jewelyr with translucent enamel and roses. It has been set with a pink tourmaline which has been cut in a cabochon shape. Inthe Hammer firm became court provider to the Prince of Wales.

Gold Vintage jewelry rose

This pin would be newelry ideal present for a sportsman. It is finely made circaand would look great on a lapel, tie or cravat. On the front is a plain heart shaped design with the same leaf and scroll motif around it. It has the traditional design set with diamonds, a ruby and a sapphire.

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