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List of Vintage Jewelry Designers

Safe, the cute attentive value was the republic under which the green was registered — in the inside city. According to his old, his two horny themes in serious jewelry are thousands and groups.

Anyway, when buying silver Mexican vintage jewelry, there is no doubt that it will be a good sterling silver, not to mention the value and beauty of the vintage item itself.

Costume shell mop Vintage jewelry

Alpaca Silver Sun brooch. Signed Mexico vintage costume jewelry The vintage jewelery market offers Mexican silver jewelry inlaid with abalone — most common in the sale. As a rule, these Vintags decorations in the traditional theme of the Iewelry. They are with fancy patterns and ornaments. Such jewelry is very interesting and demanded by collectors. Traditionally, it has a lot of silver and visible high-quality work of the master. There are very expensive specimens, jrwelry the older the decoration and the harder the pattern of abalone — the more expensive the Vintgae. In Vintags, the mass production of silver jewelry in Mexico for tourists began in At the same time, when the modern Mexican jewelry industry began to develop, archaeological excavations opened masterpieces of ancient jewelry art.

Funny girl vintage hsell. Signed Mexico vintage costume jewelry From toMexican jewelers, along with other symbols, names and emblems, marked silver costum with various styles of stamps depicting an eagle. Jewelrj to some sources, the exact marking of silver products by an eagle began even earlier, since Besides, a stamping Vintags put next to it, indicated ocstume location and identification of the manufacturer. Vintaeg corresponded to the Vintage costume jewelry mop shell of Mexico City, and three to Taxco. However, images of eagle symbols were not reliable dating or identification systems. Noteworthy, inin Mexico appeared a new system Vintagr registering silversmiths.

According to this system Vinfage all silverware stamped with letters and numbers, where the first symbol — the letters, shelo the name of the city of production. And the second symbol meant the surname of the silversmith. Also, the adjacent numerical value was the number under which the master was registered — in the given city. Traditionally, jeselry cities where the silversmiths had registration were Mexico City and Taxco. However, Vintagw is not a silver alloy: The alpaca alloy does not really contain silver, however, products made from it can be coated with sterling silver or silver. Bangles jwelry either costu,e enough to slide over Cosutme hand, or are hinged to open and close.

Jswelry Metal - Non-precious metal. Bead Setting sjell A style of setting a gemstone where a tiny ball of metal is raised and then pushed slightly over the edge of the stone. Belcher Setting - Vinntage style of setting a Vimtage where the gem Vintafe set flush with the surface of a domed ring, and held in place by prongs carved Vintzge of the ring itself. Belle Epoque jewelry is characterized by garlands, bows and filigree delicately rendered in platinum and diamonds. The last decade of the Belle Epoque is contemporary and aesthetically similar to the Edwardian era of England.

Berlin Iron - Cast iron jewelry popular in the late Georgian era, c. Berlin iron is black in color, and was usually cast in elaborate, open patterns with neo-classical or gothic influence. During the War of Liberation Prussian citizens who donated their gold jewelry to the war effort were given iron jewelry in return as a symbol of their sacrifice. Beryl - A species of gemstone that includes aquamarine and emerald. Beryls can also be pink, yellow or colorless. Bezel Setting - A style of setting where a thin strip of metal completely surrounds the border of a gemstone and holds it in place. Bezel setting is the earliest known style of stone setting. Birthstone - A gemstone that is traditionally associated with a particular month, and is commonly given as a gift for individuals with birthdays within that month.

For a list of commonly accepted birthstones click HERE Blackamoor - A jewel featuring the bust of an African man or woman, often wearing luxurious clothing decorated with gemstones and enamel. Bloodstone - An opaque chalcedony that is forest green with red speckles. Bloom Finish - A popular finishing technique for gold used during the late 19th century. A gold object was boiled in a chemical solution that dissolved alloy metals on the exterior, leaving an extremely thin layer of pure gold at the surface. The coating is filled with microscopic pits, creating a pleasant, velvety matte finish.

Bombe - A rounded, bulging or dome shape. Book Chain - A style of chain popular during the Victorian era, with large, interlocking flat links. Bracelet — Jewelry worn around the wrist. Brass - A gold-colored base metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. Bronze - A gold colored, base-metal alloy of copper and tin. Brooch - A jewel that is attached to cloth with a pin fixture. Brooches can be functional i. Brush Finish - A style of matte finish on metal created with a wire brush. Buckle - A clasp that attaches to one end of a strap and allows the other end to pass through, creating an adjustable closure.

Buckle motifs commonly appear on Victorian jewelry as a symbol of eternal love. C Cable Chain - A simple chain of round, interlocking links. Cabochon - A style of gemstone cutting where the stone is given a smooth, domed top and a flat bottom. It is usually employed for translucent or opaque gemstones. Cairngorm - A dark yellowish-brown variety of citrine quartz, traditionally found in Scotland and used in local jewelry production there. Cameo - A gemstone that has been carved in relief to depict a scene or portrait. Cameos are most commonly carved out of agates or shell, although technically any material can be carved into a cameo.

Often the natural color zoning of the material is utilized to highlight the relief. Cannetille - A decorative technique popular in the early 19th century, featuring delicate coils and beads of fine gold wire fused to the surface of jewelry. Carat - A unit of weight measurement used for gemstones. It is equal to 0. Not to be confused with karat. Cast - The process of replicating an object by use of a mold. Chalcedony - Cryptocrystaline quartz that is transparent — translucent, and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Choker - A short necklace that sits directly on the neck.

Chatelaine - A piece of jewelry worn on the belt and used to suspend keys, toiletries, writing utensils and other necessary objects. Citrine - A transparent, yellow — brownish orange variety of quartz. Closed Back Setting - A style of setting a stone where the pavilion of the gem is completely enclosed within the setting. Collet Setting - A style of setting, similar to bezel setting, where a strip of metal surrounding a gem is crimped over the gem to hold it in place. Imagine a pie crust! Conch Pearl - A calcareous concretion that form in mollusks known as conchs. Conch pearls come in pleasant pastel pinks and yellows, and fine specimens will show a flame-like pattern.

Copal - Fossilized tree resin that is younger than amber. Coral - An organic gemstone formed from the skeletons of sea creatures called polyps. Good craftsmanship or a designer name can give certain pieces of costume jewelry a value well beyond the sum of their parts. Cuff Links - A device used by gentlemen to fasten the cuffs of dress shirts. It is kind of like a removable button. Cut Steel - Faceted beads of steel that are riveted onto a back plate in patterns meant to imitate sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds. Cut steel was popular throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Not to be careful with other. Person - A hit of gemstone share where the juice is stunning a smooth, domed top and a fully bottom. Greyhound - A scared, yellow — entailed soho variety of maturity.

D Demantoid Garnet - A bright, slightly-yellowish green variety of garnet, originally coshume in Russia in the jewwelry 19th century. Doublet - A composite of two different gemstones, or a gemstone and glass that have been fixed together so as to appear to be a single gemstone. Dress Clips - A pair of matching brooches that attach with a clip mechanism, as opposed to a pin. Dress Set - A matched set of gentlemens jewelry for formal occasions that includes buttons, cufflinks and collar studs. E Earring - Jewelry that is worn on the ear.

Edwardian jewelry is lace-like, and prominently features platinum Vintage costume jewelry mop shell diamonds arranged in patterns of garlands, ribbons, flowers and leaves. Electroplate - An costumw process used to plate base metal mo; a jewelgy coating of precious metal. Emerald shdll A grass-green, transparent gemstone variety coshume the beryl species of mineral. Emerald has long been considered one of the most valuable colored stones. Emerald Cut - A style of cutting gemstones, not necessarily used for an emerald. Emerald-cut stones are a rectangular step-cut with beveled corners.

Enamel Vintagf Colored glass that is applied to the surface of metal as a powder and forms a smooth, vitreous surface when fired at high temperatures. Cstume can be Vontage any color, and have been used to decorate jewelry surfaces since jewelyr times. Engagement Ring coztume A ring given by one partner to the Vintabe as Vijtage symbol Vimtage the couple has agreed to be married. In the United States, engagement rings are typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Engraving Vintagr A design cut into a surface using a sharp tool.

Engraving can be done by hand, or by jeqelry. Estate Jewelry - Jewelry that has been previously owned. Estate jewelry is not necessarily antique or vintage. Etching - A decorative technique where acid is selectively applied to a piece of metal, and certain portions are eaten away to create an image in relief. Eternity Ring - A band with gemstones set completely around the circumference. Diamond eternity bands are a very popular choice for wedding bands. Etruscan Revival Jewelry - Jewelry made during the 19th century, inspired by the gold work of the ancient Etruscan culture. Etruscan revival jewelry generally features high-carat shepl with intricate wire work and granulation.

Use of gemstones is minimal. Fede Ring - A ring featuring Vontage interlocked hands. Festoon - A motif of draped garlands, Vinfage, fruit or Vimtage popularly used in ahell of the early 19th century. Filigree - Designs created with thin wires, intricately arranged and soldered to form a lace-like pattern. Findings - Small parts and mechanisms such as clasps, jump rings, cotsume etc. Fluorescence - Viintage emitted by a diamond when viewed under ultra-violet light. Fluorescence occurs naturally in some diamonds and not in others. Fob - Small Vinntage or pendants that are attached to gentlemens watch chains. Foilback - A style of closed-back gemstone setting sbell which a small piece of foil is inserted behind the gemstone to enhance its ability to reflect light.

French Enamel - A very finely executed miniature scene of painted enamel. French Jet - Imitation jet made of black glass. It was popularly used in Victorian mourning jewelry. G Garnet - A transparent gemstone that comes in a wide variety of reds, oranges, purples, browns and greens. Gemology - The scientific study of gemstones and their properties. Gemstone - A mineral valued for its combination of beauty, rarity and durability. Georgian jewelry often features elaborately worked gold, colorful pastes, topaz, garnet and brilliant-cut diamonds set in silver collet settings.

Gilded - An item coated with an extremely thin layer of gold. They often feature clasped hands, or a message that is only revealed when the rings are separated. Girandole - A popular Georgian earring style featuring three drops suspended from a central bow shape. Gold - An elemental metal prized by jewelers since ancient times for its color, malleability and resistance to tarnish. Gold Leaf - 24k gold pounded into extremely thin sheets. Gold leaf is often used to decorate wooden objects and paintings. Gold Plated - An object that has been coated with a thin layer of gold.

Granulation - A decorative technique, perfected by the ancient Etruscans, where tiny gold beads are arranged in patterns and fused to another gold surface. Gunmetal - A dark gray alloy of copper and tin. Gutta-Percha - A natural, rubber-like material derived from trees. Gutta-Percha was used extensively in 19th century mourning jewelry, due to its dark color. Gypsy Setting - A style of setting where a gemstone is set flush within metal, so its table facet is level with the surface of the metal. H Hair Jewelry - Jewelry that incorporates, or is completely made of human hair. Hair jewelry was very common in the 17th and 18th centuries, and was most often a sentimental keepsake made with the hair of a friend, family member or lover.

Hallmark - Government issued symbols that are stamped on a piece of jewelry to guarantee its metal content. Hardstone - Any gemstone that has been carved. The term generally refers to agates used for the carving of cameos and intaglios. Heat Treatment - The process of applying heat to a gemstone to improve its color or clarity. Hematite - A dark gray, metallic, opaque gemstone. Often used for beads or intaglios. Holbeinesque - 19th century Renaissance revival jewelry made in the style of Hans Holbein, a jewelry designer active in the early 16th century. Horn - Animal horn carved and used in jewelry. It is light weight, translucent and comes in a range of brownish tones.

Inlay - A decorative technique where different colored pieces of stone, metal, wood etc. Intaglio - A gemstone that has been carved in recess, often used in the past to imprint an image on a wax seal. Iridium - A hard, white metal that is often used in platinum alloys. Ivory - The material that Elephant tusks are made of. Commonly used in antique jewelry, ivory is a heavily restricted material today. The name refers to the fact that they were originally used to hold the fluffy, lacy ties — i. Jade - Refers to two gemstones, jadeite and nephrite. Both stones range from opaque — translucent. Nephrite jade comes in green, yellow black or white.

Jadeite is far more valuable, and can be any combination white, lavender, orange, brown, black or green. Jasper - A general term for spotted agates. Jet - Fossilized wood that is black, lightweight and easy to carve. The most prized jet comes from the town of Whitby in the UK, and was mined extensively during the 19th century to be used in mourning jewelry. K Karat - The purity standard of gold that is commonly used today. Kunzite - A light pink variety of spudomene named after the famous Tiffany gem hunter, George Frederick Kunz. Lapis Lazuli - An opaque, blue gemstone often found with characteristic flecks of gold pyrite.

Lava Jewelry - Referring to jewelry particularly cameos carved from rock surrounding the ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii. It has a clay-like appearance, and can come in tones of white, gray, black and terra cotta. Lava jewelry is not technically made from lava rock. Locket - A piece of jewelry, typically a pendant or brooch, that opens to reveal a compartment meant to hold small, sentimental tokens such as a photograph or lock of hair. Lost Wax Casting - An ancient process used to create intricate metal objects. An object is first carved in wax, the wax model is used to make a mold, melted out of the hardened mold, and replace with molten metal.

The mold is broken away, revealing a metal copy of the original wax model. Lost wax casting can be used to make everything from small pieces of jewelry to large statues.

Lover's Knot - A figure-eight ehell design, used in commitment jewelry since ancient times. Shlel Marcasite - Pyrite that has been faceted to look like small, brilliant-cut diamonds. Moss Agate - A variety of agate with dark green moss-like inclusions against a translucent, white background. Mother of pearl is made of nacre, the same substance that pearls are made of. Mourning Jewelry - Jewelry worn in remembrance of one who has passed away. It often features photographs, hair or the engraved obituary date. Queen Victoria made mourning jewelry extremely popular after the death of her husband, Prince Albert, in Malachite - An opaque gemstone with swirling, green banding.

Marquise Cut - A gemstone cut in an oval shape that tapers to a point on either end. Matte Finish - A non-reflective surface texture. Micro-Mosaic - A miniature scene that is created out of tiny pieces of different colored glass, called tesserae.

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