Vintage 60s lights

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Hanging & Ceiling Lights

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You can opt for a conventional swag lamp with the light directed downwards. On the other hand, if a room already has pendant or pot lights, then an aesthetic ambient swag lamp that points upwards to the ceiling will fill the void. The location Where do you intend to hang the swag lamp? A large single lamp works well in the living room, the entryway or above the dining table. It can be used both, as a task lamp as well as a focal point. But if you are looking for an alternative for track lighting, then multiple, smaller lamps hung above eye level can provide the required luminescence without causing glare. Always consider the height during installation.

In an entryway, the lamp must be at least seven to eight feet above the ground. The lampshade lgihts the chain Vintage swag lamps feature ornate metallic frames and glass lampshades. Llghts were typically made of brass or bronze in the mid-century. If you are considering buying an antique, check the condition of the chain. Is it worn out? Does it need restoration? In our opinion, it doesnt really detract, but we are mentioning it for accuracy. Aside from that, there are no cracks, breaks, repairs, etc. The shade shows some signs of gentle wear commensurate with age and handling.

The hardware and electrical wiring look to be original to the lamp with no problems to report. The wiring is free from splits, exposed wires, frays, etc. It is not brittle. The lamp is in fully functioning, working condition. As with all vintage lighting, we strongly recommend having the wiring checked by a licensed professional prior to long term usage. Diameter 50 cm, Height 38 cm. Dark grey long neck version.

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New fitting, cable, chain and ceiling rose. Diameter of shade Porcelain enamel over steel, pale grey with white interior. Professionally rewired for domestic use: Height of shade 18 cm, Diameter 20 cm, drop 1. Conical shades on short, flexible necks, copper spun lacquer finish. Professionally rewired with period-appropriate, colour-matched fabric covered cable, new plugs and cord-line switches. Shop 6 s—s faux bamboo timber floor lamp s—s timber floor lamp. Elaborate wrought iron base, repainted, professionally rewired, original textured plastic shade.

Polished chrome finish externally, stepped interior with flat black enamelled finish. Ample cable over 1. Ya DON'T get the guy or vehicle shown in the reflection! New gallery, fittings, cable, ceiling rose and mounting block. Height of shade c.

60s lights Vintage

Shade may be replaced with fabric drum shade if desired. Diameter of base 27 ljghts, arm 44 cm fully extended, Height cm. New cable drop and fittings. Shop 6 s spun lacquer desk lamp s desk lamp. Unusual oblique base to neck; flexible neck with polished brass finish, spun lacquer finish to base and shade. Diameter of base 11 cm, Height c. Flexible neck with polished chrome finish, silvery spun lacquer finish to base and shade. Diameter of base 12 cm.

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