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Nice portfolio, shame about the human running it: James Saft

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Holding on during market falls is hard, and looking at a supposedly evenly distributed graph of returns does little to give the average saver comfort. At the same time, humans are animals who naturally compare what they have to what others get, not just to what they had before. Go to a Wall Street trading floor the day bonuses are announced to see how this works out in practice. This means that investors are sensitive not simply to how they are doing relative to their goals, but also relative to the Smiths down the street. MPT is engineered for end results but investors exult and suffer minute by minute all along the trip. In some ways, all of this simply argues for process and for advice.

Part of the value in having a process is not that it is perfect and always achieves best results but that it can guard against the worst mistakes.

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And while that process can eortic be run by a solitary investor, given the right skills, portvolio message here is that a good deal of the value of wealth managers is serving as a guard rail against sudden lurches one way or another. Low-cost off-the-shelf portfolios work well in theory ;ortfolio are followed less often, perhaps, than ones which also have a hand-holding advisor involved. James Saft is a Reuters columnist. Check out VlogVideoboxand Videotouch. If you want an easy-to-build, super-intuitive site with ready made themes, Squarespace is a great option.

While their visual themes are mostly designed to help photographers and designers display their work, themes like Wexley can be used to show off video as well. Like Squarespace, Wix is a hosted service with its own templates. They have a number of templates specifically designed for showing off a video portfolio — scroll through them to find the right one for you!

A professional site can look pretty attractive to clients, but it does involve some upkeep. Portfklio self-hosted Portfolip site probably takes the most work but gives you a huge amount of flexibility. To be honest, the cost portfolo quite similar to hosting your own site with a service like Squarespace, so it really comes down to two things: A portfolio service adds you to their database so clients can find you and requires no maintenance on your part. If you create your own site, you have to take charge of your own marketing. How do you create an irresistible portfolio that lets you put your best foot forward? Choose projects that have value and show off specific skills.

Show work that emphasises your unique style Show people why they should want you instead of someone else. Include video samples that emphasise your unique style and show off the kind of videos you like making.

Portfolio erotic Video

Hosting your video on a video hosting pportfolio like YouTube or Vimeo could portolio you streamline the quality. Have a strong CTA A lot of creators make something, put it out in the world, and expect people to come to them. The truth is, people are lazy. Proofread We watched a lot of incredible video portfolios while putting this post together, and many of them suffered from the same mistake: Small, obvious errors can really detract from your otherwise awesome video skills, so before you hit publish, have someone else proofread it.

Trust us, this is a worthwhile investment.

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