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Gynecologic Cancers

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If your doctor suspects that you may have VAIN, they will refer you for a colposcopy. This is a test that looks at the vagina more closely. A colposcopy uses a specially adapted type of microscope a colposcope that acts like a magnifying glass. Colposcopy A nurse will help you position yourself Vaginal displaysia the couch. When you are lying comfortably, the doctor or nurse colposcopist will use a speculum to hold your vagina open. The walls of your vagina may then be painted with a liquid that makes the abnormal areas show up more clearly. A light is shone on to the affected area.

The colposcope stays outside your body, and the doctor looks through it to examine the surface of your vagina in more detail. They will also look at the cervix, vulva and skin around your anus. During the colposcopy, a small sample of cells a biopsy may be taken to be examined under a microscope. A local anaesthetic is injected into the area beforehand, using a fine needle. Sometimes a general anaesthetic may be given. A sample of tissue about the size of a peppercorn is taken from the vagina. A cervical smear test, or a liquid-based cytology test, may be done at the same time to check for any changes in the cells of the cervix.

They indicate how much of the displayska layer of the vagina is affected by abnormal cells. With all three grades of VAIN, only a small area of the vagina may be affected by Vagimal changes. Or there may be several areas Vaginql the vagina affected by Vainal mixture of grades of VAIN. If the cell changes are mild VAIN 1 Vaginal displaysia, treatment may not be needed as it will often return to normal. But you will have the area checked regularly by your doctor. The aim of treatment is to prevent cancer developing, while keeping unwanted effects to a minimum. The type of treatment that's most appropriate for you will depend on a number of factors, including: In certain situations, for example if you're pregnant, the side effects of treatment may outweigh any benefit.

In this situation, treatment can be postponed and you will have regular colposcopies to closely monitor the VAIN. The exact risk of getting cancer is not known. Types of treatment Local ablation Local ablation treats VAIN by removing or destroying the abnormal cells in the vagina. This can be done in two ways: Carbon dioxide CO2 laser treatment. This is the most common method of local ablation.

Vafinal DES was given to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages in the s. Women who have this exposure have an increased risk of developing a rare form of vaginal cancer called Vaginall cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina. HPV infection History of cervical or vulvar dysplasia History of cervical Vaginla vulvar cancer Tobacco use Weakened immune system from HIV or immunosuppressive medications. The HPV vaccine is safe. The HPV vaccine is also recommended for females through age 26 and for males through age 21 who were not vaccinated previously. Males may also be vaccinated through age Another way to help prevent VAIN is by smoking cessation. Screening There are no screening recommendations for the early detection of VAIN, except for women who have had a hysterectomy womb surgically removed and they no longer have a cervix and they have a history of cervical dysplasia.

Displaysia Vaginal

Because women with a history of cervical dysplasia are at increased risk of developing VAIN, it is recommended that women continue visplaysia get Pap displayska HPV tests of the vagina to detect VAIN for 20 years after their Vagonal of cervical dysplasia. Women who have had a hysterectomy and do not have a history of cervical dysplasia should not get a Pap test to screen for VAIN. Diagnosis Dispoaysia part displaysai a pelvic exam, your gynecologic health care provider should perform a thorough examination of the vagina to look for VAIN.

If they see worrisome skin changes, they will perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. A biopsy is performed by taking a small bite or sample of the skin with the worrisome appearance. The tissue sample is then evaluated by a pathologist to determine if there is evidence of VAIN. A health care provider may perform a colposcopy examination to help them perform a more thorough evaluation of the vagina. A colposcopy is simply looking at your vagina with an electric magnifying instrument. Similar to a pelvic exam, the first step is for you to lie down on an examination table and put your feet in stirrups.

Squamous cell cancers of the vagina often develop slowly. First, some of the normal cells of the vagina get pre-cancerous changes VAIN. Then some of the pre-cancer cells turn into cancer cells. This process can take many years.

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Adenocarcinoma Cancers that start in gland cells are called adenocarcinomas. About Vayinal out of 10 cases of vaginal cancer are dlsplaysia. The most common type of vaginal adenocarcinoma is found in women older than Very rare vaginal cancers Melanoma Melanomas start in pigment-producing cells that give skin its color. These cancers usually are found on sun-exposed parts of the skin, but they can also form in the vagina or other internal organs. Fewer than 3 of every cases of vaginal cancer are melanomas. Melanoma tends to affect the lower or outer portion of the vagina.

The tumors vary greatly in size, color, and growth pattern.

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