Vaginal discharge and cancer

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Symptoms of cervical cancer

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Doctors may also do an HPV test the same time they do a pap test. The vaccine prevents most types of HPV infection that cause cervical cancer.

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Types of surgery for early cervical cancer include: According to the CDC, preteen boys and girls should be vaccinated at age 11 or Get the HPV vaccine. If you smoke, quit. Pelvic exenteration, an extreme type of surgery in which all of the organs of the pelvis, including the bladder and rectum, are removed. They get the vaccine in a series of three shots over an eight-month period. Early detection allows these abnormal cells and changes to be treated before they develop into cancer.

Cancer Vaginal discharge and

Treatment of cervical cancer depends on: Get the HPV test if recommended by your provider. There are surgical ways to duscharge this Vagibal removing the uterus or damaging the cervix, so that a woman can still have children in the future. Gardasil is one such vaccine, and it guards against the two most common high-risk types of HPV, strain 16 and The 5-year survival rate falls as the cancer spreads outside the walls of the cervix into other areas.

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