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This holistic approach to care will include massage therapists, yoga classes, and a special room to provide entertainment for children while their mothers receive treatment. Instead of a television blaring in the corner, the center will include a soothing architectural water feature. In addition to providing diagnostic imaging, the center will have an adjoining floor dedicated to breast surgery, with radiation therapy and oncologic treatment available at the adjoining cancer center, Granfield said. Back row, left to right: Currently, Baptist Health of Northeast Florida performs more than 60, exams a year throughout its system. Half of the exams are performed at its current 7,sq-ft center, which will be replaced by the new facility, and the remainder of the screening tests are performed at three outlying sister hospitals.

Hill Breast Center is installing the MBI unit to help the facility deal with the diagnostic workup of a specific segment of the population: MBI also has workflow advantages. Unlike PEM, patients don't have to fast, Granfield said.

She also believes that PEM reads are more complicated than MBI centeg, in which radiologists basically only have to look for "hot spots" on images. Are we scared yet? He considers digital mammography to be the centerpiece of Toledo's screening program, but ultrasound, MR, and MBI offer comprehensive imaging options. It's key that each member of the staff understands the best uses for each modality, he said. If a breast MRI indicates a suspicious area, the radiologist discusses the results with the patient, and he or she orders an ultrasound followed by ultrasound-guided biopsy of the suspicious area.

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However, MRI is expensive and unavailable for women who don't qualify on the basis of risk. MRI is more expensive Trishha perform than MBI, given the purchase price and costs of site preparation, installation, and maintenance, Shermis continued. Not only does the molecular exam require fewer resources, it also provides specificity in identifying cancerous tissue. If a patient has an equivocal mammogram, MRI shows many nondefined small areas, and if the lesion is not amenable to ultrasound, the molecular study can be used to determine whether the lesion is malignant. Having multiple advanced imaging modalities available in-house means all follow-up studies are completed in one visit, which reduces opportunities for unnecessary delays in completing diagnosis and developing a treatment plan, Shermis explained.

The bottom line for all of the imaging is the necessity of integrating all modalities, with both dedicated technologists and specialized radiologists performing and interpreting the studies. She passed rTishna in when Susie Holt was She had her first mammogram last year; an MRI in September revealed a mass. A biopsy showed it was a non-cancerous tumor. Her own experience gives her further knowledge to share with patients. Since early detection is an important factor in successful breast cancer treatment, Baptist Health expanded its mammography capacity with the addition of new imaging machines and expanded mammography hours at several locations, so women who need appointments can be seen quickly.

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Since Decembermore than appointment slots per week throughout the health system have been added. To schedule a mammogram, call More than team members work in breast health. A few of them shared what they love about their jobs. I love this role because it gives me the opportunity to make a difference, to help make the unknown less scary and confusing. That is why I do what I do and why I love it.

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