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Their sessions began the process of demystifying what sex was, and Dr. Martha Tara Lee taught Melissa a series of relaxation techniques and pelvic exercises to do every day. After two sessions, Melissa was able to have penetrative sex for the first time. Psychological reasons behind vaginismus could also include traumatic sexual experiences in Too small to penetrate past. It may occur with any object, such as a tampon, or during a medical exam. You could be feeling anxious about having sex with your partner for other reasons, such as guilt, fear, or lack of emotional attachment. Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of sex because of a conservative upbringing?

Try taking some time to examine your feelings, or talking them through with your partner to build a deeper emotional connection and to feel more comfortable with your partner before trying again. If you think you might be suffering from vaginismus, you may want to seek sex counselling or behavioural therapy, to work out issues such as fear, guilt, inner conflict, or emotions regarding past abuse. Your doctor may also prescribe treatments for vaginismus, such as vaginal moisturisers to combat vaginal dryness, or numbing cream for pain during penetration. Other treatments include Kegel exercises to help you control when your vaginal muscles contract and relax, as well as vaginal dilators to stretch the vagina.

Vaginal dilators usually come in a set of graduated sizes to gently stretch the vaginal opening and vaginal depth to comfortably accept penetration. Exercises begin with the smallest dilator inserted into the vagina with the help of a lubricant. Once the dilator can be comfortably fully inserted, the next size up can be tried. Certain diseases like nerve and brain disorders or diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction as well. It is also caused by emotional and psychogenic reasons such as anxiety. When he got to my dorm, he looked at my things: He was seeing another side of me besides my body for the first time.

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But if penetration still feels difficult even after foreplay, use a store-bought lubricant to help. However, they can make sex tto painful. Injury or trauma An injury to your pelvis or your genitals may make sex painful. Congenital abnormality Some women are born with hymens that are thick or inflexible. During sex, a penis or sex toy pushing against the hymen may feel painful. Even after the tissue is torn, it may be painful when hit during sex.

pennetrate Vaginismus Vaginismus causes involuntary contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. This condition may be caused by anxiety or fear. Some people with this condition also have difficulty using tampons or having a pelvic exam. Treatment involves a combination of therapies. In addition to sex therapy or talk therapy, your doctor will work with you to use vaginal dilators or trainers.

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These cone-shaped devices help you gain control of sma,l pelvic floor and learn to release the involuntary muscular reaction you experience before penetration. The vagina does change a lot over peneetrate course of your lifetime. You will be taught how to relax your vaginal muscles and eventually to insert a small tampon. In due course you will learn to insert larger tampons. If you have a partner, the therapist will start by telling you not to attempt sex. Instead, you will be encouraged to resume non-genital physical contact in very small steps, such as holding hands, sitting close together or putting an arm round each other. Quite late in the programme, you and your partner will be shown how you can insert his penis yourself, as if it were a tampon; he lies on his back and is not allowed to move at this stage.

Only at the very end of the therapy programme will you be encouraged to have proper sex. What your doctor can do. To get this psychosexual therapy, it is best to talk to your doctor. Explain that you have a problem with sex, and that this problem means that you have not been able to have sex at all.

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