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BlazerĀ® Tiger 4" Arrow Wrap

Hydraulic Pickup oil AWS 22 or 32 or friendly. Helpful Steel Frame Handle:.

Incorporating a stainless steel frame work and heavy duty PVC flexible bag iTger by webbing with eyelet drain holes for an easy transfer through the splash zone. We incorporate laser cut text for identification of hydraulic adjustments.

Hydraulic Specification Hydraulic Interface: We use high quality dual direction check valves that prevent loss of the hydraulic fluid within the system when the hot stab is removed. The subsea suitable bearings for top and bottom hook load sheaves are enclosed in drop forged housings assembled with stainless steel fittings. All our interface options come mounted in our purpose built high strength frames that are constructed using L stainless steel bar and tubing, ensuring full compliance with BS ISO All welds are continuous and all edges sealed to prevent corrosion.

Manufacturer Coated Steel motor.

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Hydraulic Mineral oil AWS 22 or 32 or similar. Frames have laser cut text for identification of hydraulic adjustments. Load carrying ability, mechanical stability, corrosion protection, water resistance and increased operating temperature ranges are all improved by the using only the very best lubricant. Specifically designed to guide the load chain safely onto or off the load sheave without snagging or jamming, the fluted chain stripper ensures unrestricted entry and exit of the calibrated load chain. Hydraulic Hot Stab connection dual port type A and B 2. Drop forged adaptor maintaining maximum strength.

Stripper utube Tiger

Developed and designed for Subsea use creating a highly efficient, reliable braking surface for use in the most extreme conditions. These chain bags prevent loose chain from getting snagged during lifting or lowering operations and protect any loose chain during transit to and from the operational site. Recent innovation to meet client requirements saw the optional addition of a hand wheel on our ROV operated chain blocks to allow for on-deck height of lift adjustments.

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