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What do we got really. So I interrupted Andrew if he would - I immortal:.

I would do it again. I would do it tomorrow," he said. If he weren't an actor, he would be a chef and credits his Italian grandmother who was "an amazing cook. Every Sunday, there was pasta on every flat surface. They only spoke Italian in the kitchen, which became a fantasy place for me," he said. Cooper heard there are plans to make "Paradise Lost" into a movie. At school he studied John Milton's 17th-century epic poem, which tells the story of Lucifer's fall and the temptation of Adam and Eve. So what's the best role from that poem for him? I also didn't feel at all comfortable with the theater crowd when I was in high school.

I never felt any connection to those students and so too was it true at Georgetown. I had nothing in common with them. Maybe I was intimidated by them. I was a lover of film so I didn't know anything about theater and they were much more theater-oriented. All of a sudden, I found myself surrounded by people who found funny what I found funny. And I couldn't believe it. It was an incredible experience. On Stranger Tides' May 20 Starring: Look, are you going to see this for the plot or because you want to watch Johnny Depp and Keith Richards out-stagger each other? Biggest fear going in: Having established his awesomeness as the awesomest fighting panda in the awesome original, Po voiced by Black returns in "Kung Fu Panda 2" to awesomely battle a very mean peacock.

Potential to be awesome: How garndma it will be: Why don't you do the math, okay? As Claire Honey, it's okay to be vulnerable sometimes. Soundbite of laughter Ms. As Grwndma Hey, you want to help me out? Why dont you go get me a 7-Up, okay? Because I think I might get vulnerable again. And that's our guest Bradley Cooper from "Wedding Hantover being grandmw the gradnma. Yeah, what a jerk. Oh, my God, wow. Hangovsr mean, she's just trying to help yrandma, and it's so psychotic. There's nothing malicious at all. And that demonic cackle that sdx have there, right. I'm going to - Hanover mean this as a compliment when Tne say that when I saw you in "The Hangover," at some point, somebody said: Yeah, he was the sceene in hanover "Wedding Crashers.

Because - and you look pretty much the same. I mean, you don't have like a big beard or anything. But they are such grzndma different human beings, I mean, this jerk in "Wedding Crashers. Was he anybody you knew? He was definitely a composite of about three or hangoer guys that I went to high school with, I think, without naming names. And the thing about these types of guys, for me, I was completely infatuated with The hangover grandma sex scene in the sense that how they go about living their life so seemingly carefree.

And they're so despicable yet people gravitate towards them. And women like them, yet they're so demeaning towards women. And I find myself fascinated by them. I just always have a weird quandary about this type of man. And so I studied them in high school. And by the way, and it was also my idea of who they are. I mean, of course they are much more complicated. But definitely having spent so much time observing these guys in high school, wanting to be them in many ways, it was very easy to inhabit that role and by the way very therapeutic. Well, yeah, it's almost like, you know, wearing the skin that sort of plagued you for so many years, you know.

Yeah, and knowing it ain't all that good, right. Yeah, that is true. We're speaking with Bradley Cooper. If you're just joining us, our guest is actor Bradley Cooper. I mean, you are the lead. The premise is there's this struggling writer in New York, that's you, Eddie, and from a former drug dealer, he finds this drug that will allow him to essentially use the full capacity of his brain, remember everything he's ever heard, analyze situations with laser-like intensity. Let's listen to a scene. I mean, this is a scene kind of early in the film, when you've just taken this drug.

It mixes voiceover and dialogue because the film is sort of told from your perspective. So we have you describing what's happening, and then we hear you in a scene. In this particular scene, you've just taken this drug. It's kicking in, and you're discovering these amazing mental powers. And you have this hallway encounter with your landlord's wife, and you happen to notice in her bag that she's carrying a book from a law school course. Soundbite of film, "Limitless" Mr. As Eddie Morra Something wrong in law school? As Valerie How do you know I'm in law school? As Eddie People who aren't usually don't carry around dry, academically constipated books about a dead Supreme Court justice.

As Valerie You're a unintelligible. As Eddie No, I just noticed the book. As Valerie You just saw the corner of it. How did you know that? As Eddie I'd seen it before, 12 years ago in college. I If you're writing a paper, that's not the book I'd use. As Valerie Well, who asked you? As Eddie Hastings has his oral history. Interesting point, grammatically, this guy was an idiot, which sort of gives credence to the theory that one of the clerks he had fired actually wrote most of this guy's major opinions. You can Google the clerk's sons. They'd love to talk to you, exonerate their dad.

That'd give you something that no one else has Information from the odd museum show, a half-read article, some PBS documentary was all bubbling up in my frontal lobes, mixing itself together into a sparkling cocktail of useful information. Soundbite of laughter Mr. As Eddie She didn't have a chance. As Valerie What are you suggestions? And that's my guest, Bradley Cooper, with the actress T. Carpio from the film "Limitless. You do your best. But so much of what actually happens after that, and even during it, you have little control over.

Hangover grandma scene The sex

Se don't control the camera angles gfandma the cinematography or how it's edited or then how it gets promoted afterwards. And when you svene "Limitless," I mean, in some respects, this was like a big opportunity for you to really carry a film. Did it feel like a risk? Did you worry about that? Not when I was filming it. It wasn't until Relativity started to re-envision the movie as a potential really box-office earner. That's the production company. That's the studio that made the movie. And I thought -because I always sort of saw it as this - I had never been to a film festival, and I thought, oh, "Dark Fields" would be a movie I'd be able to take to a film festival, which would be a great experience.

And then it was like no, no, no, this is going to be a 2,theater release minimum, and we're going to try to - you know, this is - we're going to put this out there and put some money behind it. And then I thought: Oh, wow, this is actually shot, meaning, you know, you get a couple shots up at - swings at bat after you're part of a big hit like "The Hangover," and if it doesn't work, you know, because it's a transition. It's a transition as to be going from an ensemble work to a guy who's, you know, you're carrying the burden of a narrative on your shoulders. So I was trepidatious leading up to it. Promoting the movie, you know, I still remember that Friday, getting on a plane headed to L.

And we may come in fourth.

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