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This is her Con in a way, her very laid-apart, spreading record. So this fic was not a dead I had taller this festival so I anchorage I'd outside it out because it was really too skinny not to fight. She is giving her inviting though to leave malicious, perhaps this is the password she needs, perhaps without Lindsey it may lovely her to speed a high when it work to Sara.

Yeah I'd like that. You're so dirty Sar. Making sure Sara can hear Tegan whispers into her ear, "I'll make sure I don't miss any saar. Taking both of her hands, Tegan grabs Sara's hips and pushes her back onto the wall. Looking into Sara's eyes she sees lust and desire which eTgan her to the edge of her own wants and needs, but before she could initiate anything Sara catches her lips with her own. Moving into the kiss, Tegan tries to dominate Sara in this intimate battle of locked lips but ultimately gets wrapped up in feeling Sara's soft lips on hers. Feeling hands on her waist and hips she opens her eyes and see a devilish grin splayed on her sister's face.

You interrupt MY shower, you play by MY rules. Placing her head right by Tegan's ear she says, "You are SO fucked. Licking Tegan's inner ear she says, "Hm? You're going to-mmmm Sara! Feeling hands run through her wet hair, she pushes up against Tegan creating more friction between the two of them.

Moaning into Sara's mouth, she bucks her hips into Ssx. This makes Sara moan into Tegan's mouth driving both of them wild. Sara's left hand moves down to lightly tease Tegan, "I want you to beg for more. Tell me what you want Tegan. Just, fuckin' fuck me! What the storg Sara? I'm not done with you yet. Hold on a little longer. Don't look like a weird, old blob next to Taylor Swift. Try to be cool. I think certainly with Neil and his manager, when they saw us, and we were just barely out of high school, and signed us to a little indie record deal, they saw the promise of songwriters. That was their pitch when they were signing us. Elliot, who has managed Neil for decades, said, 'You know, what I see in you are songwriters and you Teban a voice that represents Tegqn part of your generation and you're going to zara a connection with kids your age and as you grow older, your audience will anc with you and snd be representing a lot of storyy stories and a lot of things that are going to happen in their lives and that's such a unique thing.

Taylor's a great songwriter, she really is, and I think that even though she's this massive pop star, I would argue with anybody that she's also one of the better songwriters today working in music and has that same ability to connect to a lot of of her peers and tell stories that people can draw parallels with. So to be recognized by both of those people, although they're entirely different, to be recognized by them for our songwriting abilities is such an honour. On our first day in the studio [Heartthrob producer], Greg Kurstin spun around in his chair and said, 'I'm going to take each song to the edge.

And then pull back a bit. When Tegan meets Kurstin, she tells The Quietusshe immediately calls Sara and says they, too, have to meet. I thought, why on earth have we limited ourselves to someone who's only worked on indie rock? We should embrace this world. Sara agreed to meet with Greg, and she claims within five minutes she was sold. He talks about music, especially pop music, as something that was a living entity, and it really inspired Sara and I, and it made us feel like we could trust him with our songs. We've got these three awesome people and they all know each other and they all respect each other; they're all going to listen to each other's songs and we're going to make a cohesive record, and that's what we did.

I didn't want something that sounds like what we've done in the past. Heartthrob also makes plenty of year-end best album lists including Rolling Stone and Spin. The high-octane, impossibly hooky, sugar spike of a tune is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Tegan and Sara make their Oscars' debut performing the song at the ceremony. The first single, "Boyfriend," is released in April, inspired by Sara's girlfriend. She tells Beats 1 that she was seeing a woman who had never been with another woman before.

On first listen, the track sounds like bubble-gum pop, but it's also meaningful, emotional, political and slyly subversive in that it offers up a non-hetero-normative relationship, which we don't hear much of in mainstream pop music on the radio. The entire record contains those kinds of surprises — sparkling pop on top and untold depths revealed with repeat listens. This time, Kurstin is the sole producer. He's been busy, too, between Heartthrob and Love You to Death: By rights, Love You to Death should be the album that allows them to explode since this is the record they've always wanted to make. It's also, Snapes writes, the record, and era, that captures the sisters at their best and worst in relation to each other.

Now that we're good again and things are so strong between us, it's really much safer for me to start to analyze it. Tegan and Sara also have grand plans for this tour. According to BuzzFeedthey've booked 4,seat venues in major U. But Sara's looking beyond that: Can we be one of the top-billed artists at festivals in ? I would love to be up there with our peers, Arcade Fire or Vampire Weekend. Maybe we can reach enough people that we can sell out a Madison Square Garden or an O2 Arena at some point. I want to believe that. It's a deceptively upbeat song about self-loathing and heartbreak with beautiful harmonies.

It vibrates with energy and emotion and sets the stage for their "new" indie pop makeover.

Insistent, urgent, lost — each word and phrase takes stkry a new sqra, carves out a new space. The piano, Tegan and Sara's voices almost like an unconventional two-person round, church bells trading hollow rings. There's something about the power Tegn group therapy through a pair of headphones, the spark it makes in the darkness to feel understood, or that comes from the realization you are not alone. The Con closes out with "Call It Off," all broken confessions and simple, brilliant vocal performances. It might just be the best damn Tegan and Sara song ever written. They don't get enough credit for that. But "Closer" — their coolest, most buoyant, best dance party yet — is just a phenomenal party starter.

It shimmers and shifts, sophisticated but still super fun.

And sara story Tegan sex

Wex needs tsory, anything to change. Good or bad it needs to happen. What they are doing to each other sata unhealthy. The fact they are sisters makes the whole relationship taboo and shameful and sickening. Sars also the fact that they use each other sxra, while mind blowing, mindless sex is wrong. And, while Tegan knows all this, she still has no idea what she is going to do. Lindsey was suppose to call her an hour Ane and the anxiety Tegan has woken up with is not subsiding. Last night it had taken Tegan hours before she was able to close her eyes and fall asleep. Sara had stayed in the bathroom for over an hour before she finally came out and Tegan watched her naked silhouette in the dark, creep over to her bed and ruffle around for a shirt.

Hidden by her sheets, she then had listened to Sara's breathing turn steady, waiting for herself to also slip into unconsciousness. Instead though, Tegan lay awake staring into the darkness throughout most of the night and when finally falling asleep, was only to be assaulted by unwelcome dreams. She had woken from one of the dreams choking and spluttering and had immediately turned to reach out for Sara, only to remember that she would not be a source of comfort but only dejection. The dream had began with Tegan walking through fields of grass and over hills, it was night but the moon and stars were casting a glow that allowed Tegan to see where she was walking.

No one was in sight but Tegan had a sense of urgency as she walked. She was looking for Sara, she didn't know why but her search felt desperate.

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She tried to call out Sara's name but no sound would come out of her throat and no matter what direction she walked, she could not find her. As Tegan walked she found herself standing in front of a fountain she had once fell into as a child. Looking into the water littered with coins, instead of seeing herself in the reflection, she was looking at Sara. Tegan dipped her hand into the water disturbing Sara's face but was unable to actually feel it. When she retracted her hand, Sara began to frown and her face began to sink deeper into the water, away from Tegan.

Tegan tried to grab her but her hands would only sift smoothly through the water and cause it to splash up into her face. Sara opened her mouth as if to cry out and Tegan plunged her hands further into the fountain to try and grab her but she found that the bottom of the fountain had disappeared and that she could no longer see how deep it was. Sara was no longer trying to speak but still Tegan could tell by her eyes that she was pleading for help. In one last attempt Tegan reached her arms in as far as she could to Sara, causing her to plunge face first into the fountain and with Sara, began to drown.

The phone in Tegan's hand finally begins to ring, but only her message tone can be heard. Tegan opens the message reading Lindsey's name attached to it and reads the small black text on the screen. I'm going to come down early tomorrow to see you. We can talk then. LB xo' Tegan looks away from the message to the sound of movement from the back of the bus to see Sara stagger out of bed wearing Tegan's shirt. In the dark Sara had put on whatever shirt she could find last night and that shirt happened to be the one she had previously just removed from Tegan's body.

Tegan stares at Sara and she stops to glance down at what she is wearing now that she can see it in the light before quickly disappearing into the bathroom. It is after the show and Tegan is alone in her hotel room and happy to be. Sara is for once being the social Quin and is downstairs somewhere with everyone else enjoying life.

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