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Focus on the behavior. Do not label your child as a thief.

Let him know that as far as you are concerned, this is a one-time incident where he made a mistake and learned a lesson. Offer support, but do not try to cover for or lie for your child if the police get involved. Your teen needs to see that the consequences of her actions can be quite serious. For most teens, one interaction with police officers will be all it takes to prevent stealing in the future. Let your child know that you will not tolerate stealing and be clear what the consequences will be for stealing in the future. If it happens again, make sure to follow through. Inthere were 13, thefts reported on college campusesaccording to a National Center for Education Statistics report.

The number one item stolen? Electronic devices, especially smartphones.

A close second, however, are bikes. In addition to tech and bikes, college kids need to be wary of losing other easily carried-off items like instruments, credit cardsand jewelry. Write down the serial numbers and take photos of valuable property for insurance purposes. Register electronics and other valuables with the campus police safety program.

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Many colleges and universities also have bicycle registration programs. In this belp we are going to explore stealing. In it you will hflp Five reasons why your teenager may be stealing The root cause of why anyone starts to steal A step-by-step process of how to turn the situation around The importance of changing the situation around sooner than later Dear Parent, For the last 15 years I have been helping teenagers with depression, addictions, anger, rebellion, anxiety, stress, and more. My mission is to help your child become a healthy, happy, and responsible young adult.

Some hangouts for marriage with teens who were include: Don't have an issue. In circumstance to make and bikes, college students hook to be reduced of losing other again implemented-off items like instruments, specification lordsand jewelry.

Please enjoy these free tips on how to talk to your teen about stealing. Hdlp you have friends who stole? Tedn reason will require a tgeft approach when it thef time to speak with them about this. When speaking with them, make sure you do not come from a judgmental place or use fear as a way to try and get them to Teeen. Unless he or she is an theeft criminal which would require a different approach keep the conversation calm and centered. If you think drugs might be involved, there are probably other signs that are telling you that your child has a problem, like changes in mood or personality.

If you suspect drugs, reporting repetitive theft to the police can be a good course of action. In your own home, have your kids make amends as directly to you or the injured party. It lets them know that their actions have caused harm to someone. You also might want to secure items in your home and keep your wallet in a safe place at all times until your child can learn how to solve his problems more appropriately. Rather, you need to convey the opposite. He needs to make amends and do the right thing because that is what good people do. You want to say things like: Your child will sense that you have a poor opinion of him and could start to lose hope in his ability to ever change.

If your child continues to take things from you, you will need to firmly address his faulty thinking. There may be an emotional need or impulsivity that drives his behavior.

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