Teen smoking law

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Victoria’s tobacco laws

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Smoking law Teen

lwa Preventing tobacco use among young people. A report of the Laww General, Hill D and Borland R. Adults' accounts smoklng onset of regular smoking: Public Health Reports, ; 2: Preventing tobacco use among young people: A report of the Surgeon General. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. National Drug Strategy Household Survey detailed report: Drug statistics series no. White V and Llaw E. White V and Scollo M. How many children take up smoking each year in Australia? Tobacco and alcohol use among Australian secondary schoolchildren. Medical Journal of Australia, ; 3: Tobacco and alcohol use among Australian secondary school students in Medical Journal of Australia, ; 4: Prevalence of cigarette smoking among Australian secondary school students in Rehearse how to handle tough social situations.

It might be as simple as saying, "No thanks. Take addiction seriously Most teens believe occasional smoking won't cause them to become addicted and that, if they become regular smokers, they can stop smoking anytime they want. Teens, however, can become addicted with intermittent and relatively low levels of smoking. Remind your teen that most adult smokers start as teens. Once you're hooked, it's tough to quit. Predict the future Teens tend to assume that bad things happen only to other people. Most teens think cancer, heart attacks and strokes occur only in the abstract.

Use loved ones, friends, neighbors or Tesn who've been ill as real-life examples. Think beyond cigarettes Smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes kreteks and candy-flavored cigarettes bidis are sometimes mistaken as less harmful or addictive than are traditional cigarettes. Teens also often think that water pipe hookah smoking is safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kreteks, bidis and hookahs all carry health risks. Don't let your teen be fooled. Regular use of spit tobacco can cause cancer of the cheek, gums, tongue, and throat.

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Back to top Tips for Parents Show skoking. Don't wait for your teen to smoke before you talk about tobacco use. Many kids begin trying cigarettes at 11 or 12 years of age. Talk about family expectations and rules about smoking. Clearly state and enforce the consequences for breaking the rules.

Talk with your teen about the dangers of smoking. Plain packaging is designed to: Focus on young people smooing smoking prevention Many of the recent changes to smoking regulations in Victoria and across Australia focus on discouraging young people from taking up smoking — for example, bans on: Promoting tobacco products in-store can also prompt unplanned purchases, and smoking among non-smokers. It is also linked with relapse among smokers who have recently quit. Four per cent of Victorian students aged 12 to 15 years, and 14 per cent of students aged 16 to 17, are current smokers.

These figures have been dropping since the early s. In adults, smoking has decreased from More work is needed to help people stop smoking and to make smoking unattractive to young people.

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