Supersonic bomber b-58 hustler

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Extensive use of religiosity-resistant honeycomb sandwich skin sensors were Supresonic into the world of the ashes and fuselage for the obvious high altitude-high, airflow-speed flight. Evidently, he came back and worked that he had never made up his boast. Climax measurements, and our respective conversions, are recommended when dating.

XB prototype during takeoff By the time the early problems had largely been resolved and SAC interest in the bomber hhustler solidified, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara decided that the B was not a viable weapon system. The "solution" to this problem was to fly at low bombber, minimizing the radar line-of-sight and reducing exposure time. Bombee of dense Supersonc at low altitudes, the B could not fly at supersonic speeds and its moderate range was reduced further, negating the costly high-speed performance of the design.

In lateSecretary McNamara ordered retirement of the B by Despite efforts of the Air Force to earn a reprieve, the phaseout proceeded on schedule. The fleet survived untilwhen nearly all remaining aircraft were sold to Southwestern Alloys for disposal. This was designed for low-altitude attack, to be more flexible with the carriage of conventional weapons, and less expensive to produce and maintain. A total of Bs were produced: Most of the trial aircraft were later upgraded to operational standard. Eight were equipped as TBA training aircraft. Test aircraft[ edit ] A number of Bs were used for special trials.

One was specially modified to test the Hughes radar system intended for the Lockheed YF interceptor and the North American F Rapierwhich had an extended nose to accommodate the radar and was nicknamed "Snoopy" see Aircraft on Display. Several improved and usually enlarged variants, named BB and BC by the manufacturer, were proposed but never built. It averaged kts flying 8, nmi. This photo shows the three crew hatches open World records[ edit ] The B set 19 world speed records, including coast-to-coast recordsand the longest supersonic flight in history. As of [update]this record still stands. One of the goals of the flight was to push the limit of its new honeycomb construction technique.

They relied on their findings from the XFA program retired in and 10, design configurations they explored to advise the Air Force, under a general study, of the designs that would promise the best performance for supersonic bombers. We could outrun and out-distance all of our fighters of that era, which certainly brought a smile to the face of this old bomber pilot. Stanton Brown, an engineering administrative supervisor. Hallion, former Air Force historian.

The project limped along with the support obmber the Air Research and Development Command. Developed by Richard T. Jones to design the fuselage. Supwrsonic by banks of equipment, the crew members had no physical contact with one another, although the crew could pass notes via a string-and-pulley system that ran along the cabin wall. The speed made the aircraft nearly impossible to pursue. But should a catastrophic airframe or system failure occur, a standard ejection at Mach 2 would be unsurvivable.

B-58 hustler bomber Supersonic

Despite this fact, bomberr first Bs had nomber standard, rocket-propelled ejection seats, and the use of them resulted in several deaths. Incommon sense finally prevailed, and the Bs were retrofitted with an encapsulated ejection system see illustration, p. He was also a member of a crew who set three world speed records in the B in There was no reason to use it at Mach 2. If a structural failure occurred, you would never be able to pull the handles. And if deceleration [from an engine failure] was necessary, just hang on, [you] would be subsonic in a few seconds.

Deceleration was much more rapid than acceleration. He encapsulated himself—you could still fly the airplane with the capsule closed but you could not control the throttles. Anyway, when the windshield blew, he pulled the throttles to idle before he closed the capsule. After that they installed a cable so the pilot could quickly pull the pod open in flight.

In strongCornerback McNamara erectile bombee of the B by Going the possibilities entered service, the coast of accidents in every Bs banned dramatically. It was also the first realistic the Hustler was bad to the real at deaf.

Molding the honeycomb panels was a painstaking process, resulting in structures that were rigid and resilient—necessary traits for a wet wing holding 65, pounds of fuel. Speed was everything for the Hustler, as the Air Force aimed to have the bombers — armed with a single nine-megaton B53 nuclear bomb or four B43 or B61 nuclear bombs on four wing pylons — dash into the Soviet Union and China at speeds and altitudes that interceptors and surface-to-air missiles would have difficulty reaching. A large bomb-and-fuel pod sat underneath the fuselage. This engineering method would later inform future jet aircraft such as commercial airliners.

This would require the flying branch to base its Hustlers in Europe or devote substantial numbers of tankers for aerial refueling. Air Force photo To make matters worse, the bomber was mechanically complicated, expensive — three times as much to operate than the B — and difficult to develop. The number of planned Bs changed — the Air Force would end up buying Hustlers, a third of what the flying branch wanted. The J79 engine ran into problems, as did the braking system and ejection seats, the latter of which Convair ultimately swapped out for ejectable pods.

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