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Scott Meigs, who says he has known Sayoc for 20 years, described him as "a very nice guy. Mail bombing suspect seen on surveillance footage night before arrest 0 Shares Email Mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc spent the early morning hours of the day he was arrested shuffling through press clippings at the Ultra Gentlemen's Club in West Palm Beach, according to exclusive surveillance video obtained by ABC News and sources at the club. That van contained a printer, stamps, paper, an unidentified powder and soldering equipment, pointing at least preliminarily to the vehicle being a possible location for the assembly of the alleged improvised explosive devices IEDsaccording to two officials briefed on the probe.

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Surveillance footage from mid-October at the club, acquired by Vieos News, showed Gideos greeting guests at the front door and chatting with other employees at the front desk. The surveillance footage shows him bringing bags into the club Thursday at Sayoc had only worked at the club for about two months. Photos from club sources of the remnants of the small fire lit by Sayoc outside his van that night showed a charred paperclip among the alleged remnants of a fire visible in the photos. He was arrested just before noon in the parking lot of an AutoZone car parts store in Plantation, Florida, about 40 minutes south of the West Palm Beach club where he worked.

ABC News reviewed the surveillance video from the parking lot and is unable to see a visible fire, but is able to see patrons approaching the van. Package bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc's van contained possible bomb-making materials: He was apparently living out of his van, which was plastered with stickers denouncing prominent Democrats and touting the president.

Ultra Gentlemens Club Mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc reading newspapers and eating the night before his arrest. He was charged Friday afternoon with five federal crimes: Sources Sayoc filled in as a DJ at the club as recently as Thursday from noon to 9 p. Sources at the club told ABC News that they saw Sayoc going through press clippings while seated in the lounge during these hours. President Trump bears 'no' responsibility in pipe bomb scare:

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