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We start playing truth hmiliation dare. What are we in the seventh grade? He looks down, embarassed. He dares me to flash my tits. What a little fuck.

What is she up to? You showed yourself as base and inconsiderate. I guess you have some things humiliatoin work on. I feel uncomfortable too, I mean he could of tried harder to not answer the question, but he really was put in a hard place. This is all just a big game. I told you at the club I was going to destroy you.

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We'll lock humiliiation dick up nice and tightly in this clear plastic cage. Smashing Your Balls humilation Ballbusting Your balls were made to be kicked. There's no better feeling in the world for me than to kick you square in the balls and watch you drop to the floor in pure agony. You're looking at my boobs aren't you? Let me take them out for you but only if you stroke your cock for me.

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