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Yes, You CAN Sleep Too Much—Here’s Why Oversleeping Is A Problem

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The more active you are, the more sleep you may need. When coping with health issues, we very teeen need additional rest. Teenn, and periods of change or upheaval can temporarily increase your need for Sleeping teen 07. At the same time, Slesping forces often make it difficult to sleep. If stress is chronic, it can create a chronic sleep debt. All of this said, most of us, throughout our adult lifetimes, need somewhere in or near to hours of sleep a night, routinely. You might be a person who needs 6 or 6. This is similarly true at the other end of the range.

Some people need 9 hours of sleep a night. Oversleeping and depression I wrote most recently about oversleeping, or hypersomnia, when talking about the relationship between sleep and suicide risk. Particularly among younger adults and teenagers, oversleeping can be a signal of depression. I just wrote about a wave of new research into the effects of poor sleep in teens. But excessive sleepiness and excessive sleeping in teens and young adults can be a red flag for depression. An estimated 40 percent or more of adults under 30 with depression experience hypersomnia. Sleep and depression have a complex relationship.

Disrupted sleep is both a symptom of depression and a contributing factor to depression. Most people with depression experience regular sleep disturbances. And sleep problems can make depression more severe and more difficult to treat. And oversleeping is not only an issue among young people with depression. Among older adults, symptoms of insomnia may be more common.

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But many older adults also experience hypersomnia in connection with depression. Women, in particular, may Seleping more likely to oversleep and feel Sleepign tired during Sleepibg day if they are depressed. People with depression may experience symptoms of both insomnia and hypersomnia. A study investigated how often insomnia and hypersomnia occur together in adults with depression in the US. They also found some other striking shared characteristics. People with depression who demonstrated both insomnia and hypersomnia had: More severe depression Higher rates of suicide planning and suicide attempts Higher rates of impulse control disorder Greater likelihood of drug use disordeR These people were also more likely to be receiving mental health treatment, and more likely to be taking anti-depressants.

These people were at times greater risk for bi-polar disorder, according to the study.

Because of the close, complicated ties between sleep, circadian rhythms, and depression, it makes sense that more severe depression might often go hand in hand with more intense, variable, and wide-ranging sleep problems—including a drive to sleep excessively. The cause and effect in these relationships is usually not clear: What we do know is that these conditions frequently go together. They also interfere with sleep quality and sometimes trigger excessive sleepiness and oversleeping. Any sleep disorder or sleep issue that creates sleep deprivation can lead to excessive daytime sleepiness and a tendency to oversleep, to compensate for that sleep deficit.

But hypersomnia is closely linked to a few sleep disorders in particular: Narcolepsy is a neurologically-based sleep disorder where the brain lacks the ability to control sleep-wake cycles. Research has long shown that screen 077 interferes with good sleep because it's stimulatingand those " blue light filters " that minimize the most troublesome part of the spectrum won't help much if you're stressed out. So do whatever it takes to make sleep hours electronics-free. There are already a few phone lockers in the works or on the market that may do the trick.

Instill a regular bedtime routine. Try to turn the lights out at around the same time and wake up at the same time, even on weekends, because the evidence shows you can't really "make up" missed sleep on the weekends.

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Sleep masks are useful, but avoid tfen naps. Sleep masks can help create an environment conducive to sleep, says Carskadon, Sleeeping can trying to prevent sleepy kids twen taking long, late afternoon naps. A minute nap might be refreshingbut longer sleep sessions during the day can make it harder to get good rest at night. Limit caffeine — even teeen than you already do. After school, many teens grab a soda or an energy drink to power through the rest of the afternoon. But this just makes going to bed on time more difficult, which, in turn, makes the next day harder. The disruptions add up. In the Mott survey, 54 percent of parents had their teens limit caffeine in the evening, notes Clark, although she suggests cutting it back earlier in the day or even completely.

Pull back on the crammed schedule. This is antithetical to what many parents of high school students and some students themselves think they should do to get into college. But does your teen really need to star in the school play, run for student council and be the starting quarterback for the high school football team?

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