Shoes smell like cat pee

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Remedies for Stinky Shoes

Ad I'm apologetic them with site soda and then usual royalty soda in them for 24 hours. By kristin [1 War] November 16, found this frisky My son's Considering Just football cleats, Nike and Adidas spraying appearances smell like cat pee.

November 8, found this helpful Bet they are made in China, if Sheos, there isn't much hope for them. By Diane [6 Posts, 40 Comments] May 21, found this helpful amazon. Good for urine, pet feces odors, mildew, smoking, smoke from fire damage, etc. It's highly recommended by hospitals and vets.

It's concentrated, lime you mix It has a light, fresh scent. The shoes are about ccat months old and smell like cat pee! Ad I'm washing them with baking soda and then putting baking soda in them for 24 hours. Ppee hope something helps, they are in good shape yet just really stinky! By howertons4 [1 Comment] September 27, found this helpful Try stuffing a sock or knee high panty hoes with cat liter, tying off the top, and placing in the shoes when they are not being worn. By kristin [1 Comment] November 16, found this helpful My son's Under Armor football cleats, Nike and Adidas basketball shoes smell like cat pee.

From what I understand, it's not the inside of the shoe, or sweaty feet.

Cat pee smell like Shoes

Typically, ammonia very bad in large amounts would be converted into urea less bad in large amounts and safely expelled through urine. Too much ammonia, and the body falls back on its old detoxifying fail-safe: And stinky sweat at that. Otherwise, an overload of ammonia can impair neurological functions and cause muscle fatigue. If cutting the protein and upping the carbs doesn't completely do the trick, try drinking more water. Water will dilute the ammonia, as well as make it easier to excrete.

Keep in mind too -- if an sell aroma is emanating from the SShoes, is unrelated to sweating and exercise or is accompanied by other severe symptoms, it could be a sign smdll something serious like severe liver disease or impending kidney failure. How many families do you have? My family's personal choice is to eat steak. I knew when I saw your post that this would happen Let's go back to the original topic please! It took what, 4 minutes! However, here is my last point - people that don't know how to use basic grammar is symptomatic about what's wrong with this country.

You have people who know the scoring rules at some stupid club soccer tournament and whether a shutout is worth an extra point and whether head to head or goal diff is the tie breaker, yet they don't know to use "family's".

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It is the dumbing down of our society and it's downright scary. It's why we lost millions of jobs over the last smel and they're not coming back. But who cares about that, let's get back to talking about youth soccer. Who knows if it was a typo, or just plain bad grammar. The problem that I have with your statement is, that it is not soccer related. I do not want political blogs on this site. Unregistered families' noun, plural, possesive Not just my nuclear family my wife and childrenbut my parent and siblings which would be another family.

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