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At the time of this beat down, Michaels was the Intercontinental Champion and was scheduled to lose the gold to Dean Shane Douglas. However, Michaels would opt to instead forfeit the title over to Douglas citing injuries from the bar altercation as the reason who in turn would quickly lose the Championship to Razor Ramon — a close friend of Shawn Michaels.

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The rumors surrounding this Shawn michael sex games indicate that this was simply a case of The Kliq helping each other out as the feeling was that if Michaels were able to walk to ring without any visible difficulty, then he could have competed and lost the title to Douglas in the proper wrestling manner. During the heyday of the Attitude Era; Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock never happened, possibly due to longstanding friction between both men. While details are sketchy, the story goes that Shawn Michaels was blatantly disrespectful to to The Rock's Grandmother — almost leading to a physical altercation with The Rock.

However, Shawn Michaels was against this decision as he felt the push in question belonged to his buddy, Triple H. Thankfully, Michaels in the ear of McMahon did not work on this particular occasion as The Rock was not only pushed but rose to the top as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. Shawn Michaels and The Rock have seemingly patched up the wounds of their hostile past. That summer, Vader was placed into the main even picture, a spot which he already proved he could handle while in WCW. Shawn Michaels, who was the WWE Champion at the time, would work as the babyface while Vader worked as the overbearing heel; all in anticipation of a main event match at SummerSlam.

The former DX partners both came up short in the match, however, as Benoit won the championship. A triple threat WrestleMania rematch for the title took place in April at Backlash in Benoit's hometown of Edmontonwhere Benoit successfully retained it, forcing Michaels to submit to a Sharpshooter. In seeking revenge, Angle re-entered the ring and eliminated Michaels, and thus placed him in an ankle lock submission hold, outside the ring. Bischoff refused to schedule such a match and instead told Michaels to find a partner.

Michaels then made a plea for Hulk Hogan to come back and team with him. Michaels left the ring to allow Hogan to celebrate with the crowd, and Michaels turned face once again. Afterwards, he challenged Angle to a sudden death overtime, but Angle refused and walked out. He was part of Team Raw at Survivor Series in a losing effort.

Michaels said he was only being loyal to his mjchael, he had moved on, and McMahon Shadn move on yames well. McMahon then began setting unusual stipulations for Michaels' matches and interfering on behalf of Michaels' opponents. After the two reunited, McMahon offered Jannetty a contract if he "kissed his ass. It always makes me feel good that young people were watching me and it is always nice to be acknowledged that way, but the ultimate credit goes to Chris Adams. Undertaker is rumoured to make his presence at RAW 25 and that in turns means more rumours for a match at Wrestlemania For someone like you, stepping away was a tough decision. With the kind of legacy he has build for himself, is there any need for him to perform in April?

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His is intact no matter what he does. It is more important for me that they have peace and contentment with this line of work and whatever they need to get it, I am behind. Walking away from a job when it is a big part of who you are, is a big big decision; something not to be taken lightly. But it is, especially for those who are doing it or have done it for so long and done pretty darn decent, it is a big thing to walk away, and I want to see him do that when he feels he is ready. I recognise that this has a ripple effect on fans across the world, but it ultimately comes down to one guy and what matters to him.

There is a really good chance no one even remembers this bizarre bond between Mankind and Golddust — and there is a good explanation for that. The first time we did one of these promos, I sang "Close to You" to Goldust. Come on, you know the tune - " why do birds suddenly appear, every time you're near? Just like me, they long to be, close to you! Ah, ah, ah, ah, close to you.

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