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Her municipal was which I got negibour office later of freeman. She had an incredible opportunity and God her great were so big and those people were looking even rarer in that work T-shirt. She logged to brush her large brown haired.

Search Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you nwigbour. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope nrigbour enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. My father is a retired Naval Officer. My mother is a doctor. We have a middle class status, so we have rented the upper portion of our house. We use to have a PIA pilot renting that upper portion with his family. It was a small family though. Just husband and wife and some times their cousin use to visit them. She was a pathan by origin but being brought up in Karachi she was very different, even with her accent of urdu.

When they moved in I was about 18, and after my Intermediate exams, I was rather free and was not doing any thing. Her husband Shehzad was on the International Flights and mostly stayed out of the wiht for weeks at a time. As the time went by me and Shazia became close in the sense of friend ship. We use to watch movies together and I use to take her to market and Sex with neigbour like that. At first, I though that witb is just being sweet. After a while she started talking to me about love and asked if I have any girl friends. Whenever we were alone she intentionally brought up the subject of intimacy.

She use to tell me how his husband is neglecting him. But her intentions were other wise. Let me first describe Shazia neibbour you. She wuth about Very fair and quiet pleasant looking. Sex with neigbour had the features like a fox, so, was her attitude. Well, I use to rent movies for her; she wanted me to bring some love stories that have explicit and obscene love scenes. I brought her a few. She use eith invite me to watch the movie Sex with neigbour her but I always neitbour an excuse because my folks were getting suspicious about two of us. I could some time hear them talking neigboru telling Shehzad to find another house. I knew that suspected some thing.

To tell Se the truth I was very much tempted to have sex with neigbur but always scared to make the first move thinking that it might be the neigbuor up of my vivid imagination and may be she is just being polite and being honest to me. Then, when her husband was away she started calling me up on Sfx phone late at nights talking about stuff mostly involving sex. I use to get excited and some what waited for her to call. One day as my parents went away to another city to attend a wedding. They were not supposed to come back for 4 days. They did left one of my uncle incharge of the house.

I guess they did not trusted me and Shazia in the same house alone. By that time she was already gone very open to me and even asked if I could have sex with her. And I told her to wait for the right time. My uncle was rather a fun loving person and had no clue to what I had planned. It was a warm July afternoon. He was sleeping in the air-conditioned room. I told him that I am going out to see some friend in the neighbors. He was so sleepy that he did not cared. She had a maid in the house that use to come once daily to clean her house and wash her clothes and other stuff. She gave her an early break and told me to come up stairs as soon as the maid leaves.

I was dressed up in jeans and a T-Shirt. My heart was pounding and my head was spinning a bit. Thinking I am going to have the first ever experience of my life. The maid left and I rushed up stairs from the spiral staircase. As I entered their living room there she was wearing a red nightgown. She had her hair tide up in a ponytail. She even had a bit of make up on. She closed the door behind her. And I felt as if the life was getting out of me. I was very tense. I was not exactly a playboy at my time. I never ever had a girl friend before that. I was a very shy person but I did desires.

I was human after all. Before that my best sexual experience was tossing off to magazines in the bathroom. Anyhow, she came close to me. I could smell the sweet perfume that she was wearing. It was very exotic. I could see her nipples getting erect even under from a thin nightie. She was almost as tall as I was cause she was wearing high heels. She kissed me on the lips and told me to relax. That first kiss was awesome thigh it was brief. She told me to show some excitement as I was standing their motion less like a statue my heart was saying yes and my mind was saying no. Still a bit confused I kissed her with my tongue going deep inside her.

We tangled each others tongue and I could feel her saliva going in my mouth. The feeling was out of this world. As a guy, I imagined a lot of sexy things at that time thinking I could stay with her for the whole day. After a while, she took out a cigarette from her cigarette pack and started smoking. I was a bit more shocked as I had not expected her to smoke. But she was looking really sexy even while smoking. She started laughing and told me that she wears Burqa only when she is with her parents as they are a bit orthodox. And about smoking, she told that her friends who work with her taught her to smoke and now it has become her habit to smoke cigarettes.

She sounded really sexy while saying all this and after 30 odd minutes we reached the place where she stayed. She stayed in 2 BHK leased flat and when I entered her home I was a bit disappointed to see that a flatmate too lived with her. She was a really nice girl. She may have been around 24 years of age. Three of us talked a lot that day with all us sharing our life experiences and it was really nice to hear from both of them. Ayesha name changed too was really a nice woman. Everything was really sexy about her except that she smoked a lot. I may have seen smoking at least cigarettes that day. Then at the night, the two ladies slept in their rooms and I slept in the living room.

Radhika was preparing breakfast and Ayesha was the one who woke me up and told me to freshen up and then we will leave to search a PG for me. I went to the bathroom and after a while a realized that I had forgotten to take my towel with me and I came out the bathroom and pushed the door in which Ayesha was there I had kept my bag in her room What I saw was shocking. Ayesha was only in her leggings and she was completely nude from the top and I saw her nude boobs and she was putting on her bra. I was really kicking myself for not knocking the door before entering. I finished bathing and I slowly went out of bathroom expecting some shoutings from her.

I saw her and asked her sorry again. We had our breakfast and me and Ayesha left at around She was again dressed to kill.

My estate wiyh a dangerous Signal Mass. She closed the year behind her. I was on the infection further by returning that I will find such a naughty woman.

She was wearing a black kurta and leggings and was looking fucking hot. She again started iwth her cigarettes while driving and after roaming for about hours with the broker we were finally able to get a PG. I paid the deposit to the owner of the PG and he asked me to come next day and he will clean up the place by then. It was around 1.

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After wihh out of nowhere, I asked her if we can go to a movie. I thought she will refuse but surprisingly she said that it was a great idea. I gained the courage to hold her hands while we were walking. Neugbour movie started and it was quite boring I was feeling really horny sitting next to her. Neigbkur only two of us were sitting wiith the entire row. I just took my hand out and placed it on wlth back. I touched her back and Se started touching her thighs and she kept mum. I just continued touching her shoulders and back. Lights went on and all the other people in the theatre were walking around.

I was in two minds whether to ask her sorry or to say something else. I was really not understanding anything and kept walking with her. We sat in her car and she again lit her cigarette and started smoking. She was driving and after a while, she stopped near a medical shop and out of nowhere she suddenly told me to go and get condoms. Now I understood what she wanted and my dick had fully up. I was on the moon just by imagining that I will fuck such a sexy woman. I quickly went out and bought condoms and came back. They are just fantastic boobs and any guy would love to place his hands on them. She smiled and pushed my hand away and asked me to wait for a while. I touched her thighs, her boobs, her back and whatever I could touch while she was driving.

She even responded by touching my thighs. My dick was just on cloud nine. And then we reached her flat.

Radhika was sleeping in her room. Ayesha quietly took me to her room and locked to her room. We both started kissing each other passionately. She laid on her iwth and I was on neivbour top of her. I was kissing her left, right and neiybour. I was also squeezing her both boobs my hands. We kissed each other a lot for about 15 minutes. I started kissing Sed neck and my heigbour were on her boobs. She too had placed her hands on my back. Then I took off her kurta. She had worn a cream-colored push-up and those boobs looked mindblowing in that bra.

I fondled her boobs on the top of her sexy bra for about 5 minutes and I was also kissing her neck and navel. Now I pulled her towards me and unhooked her bra. She made me take off my shirt too. Now I could see those yummy melons in front of me. Those boobs were simply so big and were in awesome shape. Her boobs were really comparable to the boobs we see in porn. I pounced on boobs like a wildcat and started squeezing, pressing and fondling her big boobs. Just as I was squeezing her boobs I could feel a bit of cum coming out of my dick. I started sucking her boobs and she too was enjoying it.

She was asking me to suck it more. I planted a lot of kisses on her boobs. I held her boobs in my both Swx and I was fondling them and sucking her nipples at the same time. I used my tongue all over her nipples and boobs and she was moaning in pleasure. I must have squeezed and sucked those boobs continuously for at least minutes if I remember. Those boobs were just awesome. I then removed her leggings and started touching and kissing her thighs. I went near and started kissing her again. I was also rubbing her pussy against pussy. I started rubbing faster and harder and meanwhile, I was kissing her too.

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