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Carrie — known for her unique fashion sense and shoe obsession — lives in and works from her studio apartment in a Lower East Side brownstone, and spends most of her spare time sipping cosmopolitans at the trendiest bars and catching up with her girlfriends over brunch. Her two most notable relationships are with Mr. Big his real tuf is revealed in the series finale to be John James Prestonand furniture designer Aidan Shaw. Both are tumultuous, uhf on-again, off-again; Mr. Ultimately, she ends up with Big, Sex speak utf finally vocalizes his feelings and devotes himself to Carrie. Her sentiments are challenged throughout her on-again spwak relationship — and friendship - with bartender Steve.

Samantha Jones Sexx is the oldest and most sexually adventurous character of the foursome; working as an independent PR representative, she is extremely confident, strong, and outspoken. Samantha takes a few stabs at monogamy throughout the course of the series, dating Latina artist Maria who she finds too emotional, hotel mogul Richard Wright who she falls in love with and who cheats on her, and finally, struggling actor Smith Jerrod, who she helps become famous. Jerrod is highly patient with Samantha and works through her commitment issues; he supports her through breast cancer treatments and the two move to Los Angeles where Samantha works as his agent.

It is revealed in spewk Sex and the City movie sequel that Samantha ends things in Los Spexk she finds herself stuck in a routine and famously tells Jerrod: Charlotte York Charlotte, an art gallery curator, is a foil to Jtf on the show in many ways — her traditional and spexk upbringing Connecticut-raised, prom queen, class president, sorority girl manifest in the way she views sex timidly and as a representation of emotional love and a product of monogamy. Despite her darker side, where Charlotte sometimes surprises the audience, her typical characterization on Sex and the City is centered around the search for a successful husband, and ultimately, family.

Her first attempt is with Dr. Initially unattracted to him, Charlotte enters into a sexual relationship with Harry, but his persistence and her obvious happiness eventually culminate in her conversion to Judaism, marriage to him, and adoption of Lily, a baby girl from China [8]. The overall rating, therefore, is a 7. Big, Carrie cheats on long term boyfriend Aidan Shaw continually, and weakly lies to her friends about it. She is shown to be fairly insecure in different relationships — forcing answers from Mr. Big about the future of their relationship, pressuring and trying to convince Aidan to have sex with her early in their relationship, and using casual sex to remedy feelings of sadness or unworthiness.

Despite some of the intrinsically negative implications of infidelity and insecurity, some of these actions could take on opposite meanings. Carrie opposes the common notion that women care about emotional love, and men are lustful; she displays female desire in her pursuit of sex with Aidan, and the power of that desire in her infidelity. Carrie knew what she wanted — and refused to settle for less. Miranda Hobbes Miranda asserts her independence and sexuality through confidence in life and in her career — and this could not be made clearer throughout her relationship with Steve, where the idea of Miranda making more than her male counterpart is addressed as a relationship hurdle, and ultimately, as something Steve accepts.

Miranda is a woman who refuses to apologize for her success, or for her sexuality. In a popular Miranda scene, she educates a sexual partner on the popularity of fake orgasms, admitting to them in the past and showing him how he can elicit a real one. Samantha Jones For Samantha, sex is on her terms and her terms alone — and her characterization is highly inspiring to watch. In this way, she introduces a way for viewers to talk about misogyny as it really appears in everyday life; she is unapologetic about her sexuality, and in the end, she gets the job. Samantha is also forward about female masturbation, and starts a dialogue of sexuality as a spectrum when she enters into a relationship with a woman and refuses to label herself as a lesbian.

Charlotte York Charlotte, in a way, is the means by which Sex and the City educates women on the normalcy of sexual empowerment. Because she starts the series quite ignorant to the reach of her sexuality, and learns from her friends throughout, she parallels viewers who hopefully gain, like Charlotte, insight into their own sexuality. Two examples come to mind: Over brunch, the other girls are shocked to discover that Charlotte has never looked down there. Samantha insists she take a hand mirror and learn about her anatomy, and in a humourous scene, Charlotte is so enamoured and curious, she leans forward to get a better look and falls flat on her face!

Talk about an advertisement! Charlotte also promotes sexual freedom and empowerment through her work at the gallery. In a couple speqk scenes, Charlotte becomes involved with some of the artists and their work. Sepak sexual revolution fell short in many more ways, which is why even though Sex and the City covers such a broad range of topics surrounding female sexuality, many still seem new, to this day - and modern political campaigns continue to centre themselves around issues initially tackled in the sexual revolution in the s. There is another artist for whom Charlotte poses — this time, as a drag king.

He urges Charlotte to find her sexuality dressed as a man. There is a very memorable part where Charlotte asks for sock after sock, and fills a bulge in her pants; she looks in the mirror, finds her sexuality, and poses as a confident, sexy man! This scene was extremely forward in terms of sexual empowerment and gender fluidity!

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