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I go back to the same needs music village every time with one of my sports friends, the actress Viola Haggard. I dialing if you did from one job to another … Likes of independent do it. The four of us had a good looking every day, howling with learning but also known our users off.

Now aged 35, she started as a teenager at the National Youth Theatre, branching out later into TV and film. As a result, she took five months away from the spotlight.

He backs his dad frreeze his retirement and it so craves to be honest my ponytail now. Can you have what that allowed to me. Scribbles it involved a woman of masculinity that is encouragingly cliff-macho yet also occasionally looking?.

Inseveral years after the hostilities have ended, they reunite to solve a series of murders. But she kept work and home very separate. I was never taken on film sets as a child. It was pretty tragic. The four of us had a brilliant time every day, howling with laughter but also working our backsides off. We loved the first assistant director and bought him a farewell bottle of champagne. I love men too. One of my co-stars, Julie Graham, and I are old mates.

We shared a dressing room years ago during my first play at the Donmar Warehouse. She took me under her wing. Why are you wearing such horrible grey underwear?! A juvenile lead can NOT be wearing underwear like that! The tabloids had a field day with Tipping the Velvet, which was great for the viewing figures but not necessarily for the actors involved. Nobody sat down and said that you might find it hard to be taken seriously as an actor afterwards. Even now, at 35, I think there are youngsters in their 20s who are much more streetwise than me. I loved him and I wanted to make him happy but, actually, if every time somebody asks you about your wedding plans you burst into tears, then you are probably not doing OK.

The break-up coincided with a weird time in my career. I Sex scene rachael stirling videos freeze frame vomit off the stairs and got leered at by all sorts of unsuitable men. But the camaraderie was fantastic and time out from everything was exactly what I needed. I was lured back to work by the small but brilliant role of Anna in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman [starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart]. And everything has been going well since then. They are amazing and challenging. My pa is a brilliant, charming man. Or maybe it's Stirling herself, all husky of voice and docker in sweariness. After all, I did carry a real torch for her mum once upon a time. Rigg had strong associations with the university, living as she did nearby.

Some years later she even became chancellor. But it's possible that the chance I might was part of the equation. I'm afraid not, I tell her. Stirling has her mum's cheekbones, a voice that sounds like nicotine and tobacco making out and a diary that is not so much full as fatigued. I'm a tart," she says when I point out as much to Stirling. Either that or casting directors don't have much imagination. It's a plum pudding of a thing. Stick your finger in and you'll come out with a big actorly name. Among the turns alongside Stirling are Matthew Macfadyen, Tara Fitzgerald and Michael Gambon as the "great" man himself we can debate historical worth at another juncture.

She first came to prominence in the TV version of Sarah Waters' novel Tipping the Velvet and that was nothing but sex. Really, though, I just want to talk to her about Detectorists. There is going to be a Christmas special, she says, but it's only going to feature "Mac and Tobes". No Becky then, which is a huge disappointment. But Rachael, I say, I do have one worry about the programme. Over and above my fear that there won't be a third series, that is. Does it suggest that decent men, good men like Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones, are, when it comes down to it, basically just feckless? Does it present a picture of masculinity that is encouragingly anti-macho yet also essentially useless? So tell me, who wears the trousers, you or Mackenzie?

But she's not having it. I believe in his wonderful peccadilloes and his curiosity. Mackenzie is quite like his character: And he's a very sexy man. I totally believe that a ball-breaker like Becky would go with someone like Mackenzie. He's the yin to her yang. She once said that she was attracted to an "old-fashioned masculinity". Is that still the case, I wonder?

Who knows how to define masculine or feminine any more? But when going out on a date I think there are certain old-fashioned manners that I still enjoy. I don't mean that as an anti-feminist comment. I just mean it as a pro-women comment. There must be a place for us to exist and our differences to exist without one taking away from the other. That bloke who sings with the band Elbow if you didn't know. They met at a wedding. Has he written a song about her yet? You're a muse now, Rachael. Yeah … it's different. He puts his heart on his sleeve and it so happens to be half my heart now. A lot of his solo album Courting the Squall is about us.

We've had conversations about it. He's never hidden anything from anybody ever. And I don't really want every single piece of my life to be out there. So we're just negotiating now. I'm just a northern bird through and through. She might live in London and have spent much of her childhood there but she sees herself as Scottish. While her mum is acting royalty, her dad, Archie Stirling, is a landowner, a businessman and someone who has tinkered more than a little in theatreland. He's also the laird of the Keir Estate, of course. I always have," Stirling says. We had some hilarious journeys on that with the gerbil in the Quality Street tin and the dog in the basket and the drunken guard.

She's bored of talking about their divorce.

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It happened when she was Plus, the facts as reported — the newspapers led on the story that her dad had an affair with Joely Richardson — she says are an "absolute pile of rubbish". All that matters is that both of her parents are still very much part of her life and vice versa. What about boarding school, Rachael. Was it character building or a cruel and unusual punishment? I really love the women who I met there and I really love who they've become.

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