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The Counseling Center

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Keene nh Sex addiction counselor

Three staff members cpunselor been certified by the State of New Hampshire to provide this programming which is requirement to obtain a person's license after conviction for Driving while Under The Influence. These two highly regarded staff members counseolr years of experience Ses prior locations to our team to provide the best possible treatment services. CIA has diverse expertise to develop and operate both residential and outpatient programming. Telehealth In development A new telehealth aspect is being developed so that we can reach out to people who have a hardship in traveling to any of our offices. All of our Substance Abuse Clinicians have been approved for this program.

Individual Counseling Individualized treatment in all of our treatment areas, whether it is substance abuse, sexual offender, domestic violence, anger management or other areas, are available at all of our locations.

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A member of our staff has received training to become a Care Coordinator, to assist persons who qualify receive assistance in certain services through the ATR grant. This provides the client with the understanding that they are not alone in their problems. Our planning team is comprehensive and provides for one stop shopping for our clients. Community Improvement has two MLADC and a LADC on staff to provide the substance abuse services, with up to date knowledge as to the newest types of treatment to provide for our clients. Telehealth is a web based program which is HIPAA Compliant for privacy and allows the therapist to interact with our client through their computers.

More is being developed at the present time as this is a very young program within the State of New Hampshire. Our Sexual Offender program is staffed by three clinicians with years of experience in this field.

Group Counseling Group counseling jeene being used in each of our treatment areas and provides the client with addicion opportunity to discuss their own particular issues while hearing from other participants. This was a very welcome addition to our staff keeene that we can assist our clients with the most cost efficient treatment. We are fortunate in that one of our staff members is nationally certified to provide the necessary training for our therapists. These two staff members present a dynamic program dealing with the behavior that has brought the client to the program which while holding the person accountable while also helping them deal with their anger, stress and help with the ability to appropriately deal with family issues.

We are presently in the development stages for this to ensure the proper infrastructure is available and staff properly trained. This process will require a periodic in face session with the therapist.

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