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Front Valance Add a 5", 7" or botttom valance to any soft roman shade. The top-down pulleys will work Romn one side of the board and the bottom-up pulleys from the opposite side. Close the Top of the Top Down Shade Fold the extra fabric left over when you removed the top mounting hardware and make a pocket for the stiffener board. Attach Lift Rings to the Shade Hand-sew the lift rings to the shade in line with the rear set of pulleys, using thread that matches the front fabric. These shades work best when mounted outside the window frame to avoid obstructions like window locks. Available in the following operating systems: Cordless Raise and lower your shade with a cordless operation.

Available with eown operating systems. Top Down-Bottom Up is only available with a cord lock operation. Not available on Sateen Luster or Sateen Matte fabrics Classic Roman The classic roman shade has decorative seams through the front fabric that provides added texture when the shade is lowered. Cord Lock backside Cord lock is a traditional shade operation.

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Valance will hang off the front of the headrail. Upholster the bottok board with plain white cotton or fabric remaining from making the shade, by stapling it around the board as you would wrap a gift. Cut and Prepare the Stiffener Board for the Shade Top Cut the stiffener board to the finished width of the shade plus 1 inch. Screw the stiffener board into the window frame with long wood screws. It will pull up into the top valance without touching.

Run the shorter strings through the very pulleys and rubbing over cord cymbals. Be sure all raw signatures are turned under, and lighten the board practically.

tpp The shade may be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top with cord lock controls one each side. Not recommended for designs with a pattern that will be interrupted by the pleats. An easy to reach tassel makes operation simple without contact with the fabric. Run the lifting strings through the correct pulleys and wind over cord cleats.

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