Power strip for cell phone chargers

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Put All Device Chargers on One Power Strip (154/365)

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The box, if you will, goes right against the outlet and all the USB cords for your devices are inserted directly into the outlet-attached box. A far more elegant solution that cuts down on the clutter, reduces your outlet needs to a single outlet, and is more energy efficient, is to use a USB charging station pictured at the top of this article. It also comes highly recommended: This is a pretty common problem.

Chargers for phone strip Power cell

Liberate your outlets and charge all your devices with a single plug. Organizer style charging ;hone above right are bulkier, but offer racks, slots, or caddies for your equipment. But, in some cases, extra features are still worth noting. When comparing two chargers, if all other features are equal and the prices are more or less comparable, always go with the charger with the higher number of 2. Whenever you need to charge a device, just plug in the device and flip the switch on the power strip.

Plug all of your chargers into it and leave the switch turned off most of the time. With a charging station, you use one power outlet for one transformer which in turn provides power to four or more USB ports. Whenever Sarah or I need to charge a device, we simply go to our usual place for charging all of our devices, pick the right cable, plug in a device, and flip a switch. Although we expressed our general dislike of organizer-style charging stations already, there are a few good values if you dig. Which form factor you select is generally a matter of personal preference, combined with consideration for where you will be using it.

This has a distinct advantage in that you gain a few extra feet of movement and the plug can be used in small spaces where a larger wall-mounted charger would be impractical or impossible.

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Wall chargers shown to the left in the image below are all-in-one models that plug directly fot the wall like a giant transformer and have no extension cord of any sort. Even better, having them on one strip frees up outlets for other uses. Portable gaming device chargers. Devices are getting more power hungry over time, and there is little sense in not spending a few bucks to extend the lifespan of your charger. For example, we use a corded USB charger in our bedroom where it is plugged in behind the bed with the USB cables routed to both night stands. Armed with a little knowledge you can find the perfect charger for your needs and, in the process, banish that power-strip worth of individual chargers cluttering up your kitchen counter or bedroom floor.

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