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Can Air India Refuse to Hire a Transgender Air Hostess? Here’s What the Law Says

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On July 10,in response to an advertisement placed by Air India seeking female air hostesses, Shanavi applied for the position.

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On August 4,she got called to Pfople an interview. She was informed that her gender was the reason why her application for the job was not considered because the post is reserved only for women. Shanavi then approached the Apex Court seeking intervention for the blatant discrimination meted out to her by Air India. The national carrier Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons Inthe Supreme Court recognised the transgender community as a third gender along with male and female.

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Passengers had to be clothed while boarding and disembarking from the flight however. The flight with massage beds, Michelin star food, and tablets for everyone This French airline based in Paris only flies between Paris and New York, but the facilities it offers are droolworthy. Massage chairs that recline into beds, Michelin star food, and Samsung entertainment tablets for every single passenger, plus the fact that it's comparatively cheaper than its competitors business class flights. Cabin crew alleged SpiceJet suspects them of swindling cash SpiceJet official says "it's a baseless allegation" On video, air hostesses seen complaining about being strip searched Air hostesses working with no-frills carrier SpiceJet protested at Chennai airport early morning today after they were allegedly strip searched by the airline's own security personnel.

They alleged they have been subjected to strip search for the last few days after deboarding from flights, adding the security personnel also told them to remove the sanitary pads they were wearing. The cabin crew reported for work only after the SpiceJet management assured them a high-level meeting at the airline's Gurgaon office on Monday to discuss the matter.

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People familiar with the Pekple said two midnight flights -- one of them an international flight to Colombo -- left late by an hour from Chennai airport due to the cabin crew protest. In a statement, the airline said the "pat down" searches on employees was a global industry practice and were conducted in line with norms laid down by security agencies in closed rooms and by well-trained employees of same gender. The airline has underlined that "the search essentially is the same as what any passenger goes through at any of the Indian airports while going through security check". SpiceJet confirmed that the airline's security team did carry out searches at some of its stations on 28 and 29 March following a tip-off and detected a few cases of pilferage where action was taken.

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