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Nocturnal enuresis is involuntary urination that happens at night while sleeping, after the age when a person should be able to control his or her bladder. Your mom or dad can also give you tips on how to cope, especially if he or she had the problem as a teen. Sometimes doctors treat enuresis with medicine. The good news is that it's likely that bedwetting will go away on its own. If the history and physical exam do not find a medical problem and the urine tests are negative, several behavioral approaches can be used for treatment: Most of us think of bedwetting as something that happens with little kids.

With these alarms, a bell or buzzer goes off when a person begins to wet the bed. Doctors sometimes o a manmade form of ADH to decrease urine buildup during the night. Doctors and nurses sometimes prescribe bedwetting alarms to treat teens with enuresis. It expands gets bigger as pee enters and then contracts gets smaller to push the pee out. He or she may ask about sleep patterns, bowel habits, and urinary symptoms such as an urge to pee a lot or pain or burning when you pee.

Ironically mickey is also called radioactive urination. These include midterm, tea, gross, and sodas or other life measurements with caffeine. That is bad the medical history.

Then, you can quickly turn the alarm off, go to the toilet, and go back to sleep without wetting the bed too much. People with nocturnal enuresis Peein take some basic steps to prevent an overly full bladder, such as decreasing the amount of fluids they drink before going to bed. Involuntary urination that happens during the day is known as diurnal enuresis. But people with nocturnal enuresis have a problem that causes them to pee involuntarily at night. Some experts believe that stress can be linked to enuresis.

Doctors Peeinng know exactly why, but more than twice as many guys as girls have enuresis. Medical conditions that can trigger secondary enuresis include diabetesurinary tract abnormalities problems with the structure of a person's urinary tractconstipation, and urinary tract infections UTIs. There are two kinds of enuresis:

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