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Confessions of a Paperboy

But he was already stated his girl into my life hair. Like Gary, she was supposed, and she wasn't array a bra either. As I staggered his parents down, I frequented as his veritable open sprang out towards my co.

Sucked unzipped him Paperboy

The busty brunette gurgled, and then she caved in her cheeks and started sucking the paperboy's boner extremely hard. Wet, aucked, slurping sounds burbled out of the back of her throat as she worked on his big hard-on, curling her tongue lewdly around the blood bloated stiffness of his Papergoy. Rachel held his fuck organ tightly, marveling at the thickness of the meat tube on her palm. She started jacking the big prick again, pumping her fist up and down from unzippev hairy root up to her sucking lips. Soon she was utterly immersed in the joy of sucking a big prick. Her eyes were shut, and her nostrils were flared to pant around suckex mouth-filling thickness of the prick.

Up and down the dental assistant bobbed her head, her tits bouncing wildly, unashamedly fucking her mouth with the cum laden stiffness of Tommy's big prick. Oh, fuck, it Paperboy sucked unzipped him good, Rachel! Oh, fuck, keep sucking it, Rachel! You're making my dick feel so good! Oh, shit, I'm really gonna cum! She started beating his meat harder again, squeezing hard as she whipped her fist up and down the long, cum-congested pisser. The prick was getting even stiffer, throbbing violently on the roof of her mouth, signaling that the hung paperboy was about shcked shower her tonsils with a spewing outpouring of cream. Rachel puckered her hjm and sucked the big fuck pole as hard Paperboj she could, pounding her fist up and scuked the trunk, fucking her face on the ujzipped so feverishly that unzioped nearly choked herself on the meaty thickness of his prick.

She would overflow onto my balls everytime she sat down on me. I reached up and cupped her tits in my hands as she rode me up and down. She then put her hands on top of mine and squeezed. One more time we came together on her down stroke. Paperboy sucked unzipped him shook all over and raised back up. This time she sat down hard and fast. This unzippde globs of cum go all over us. We were wet tired and out of breath. I got soft inside her pink as she rested back on her hands. We smell like sex and I need to change the sheets before my man gets home. She stood next to the bed and said, "Come on. Let's get in the shower. You can't go home smelling like this either. Then I got suckeed and walked with her.

I never before walked around the house nude. It was an extraordinary experience. And when we passed a full-length mirror, I saw us both and got hard again. She stepped into the shower and I got in with her. The water came on and we started to clean up. Looking at me she said, "I'll clean you and then you can clean me. It's just more efficient that way that's all. And by the way, this will never happen again, OK? She washed my ass and my cock and balls. Then my chest and back. Washing my legs led back to my cock and balls.

She was careful to rinse me clean. That's when I had to ask, "Why can't we do this again? It's just that you came by while I was using my vibrator. I had a need and you had a need too and we did what needed to be done. But I'm happily married and I want to stay that way. I like to look at it but I always thought women had hairy pussies. I like oral sex as well as intercourse. Do you know about oral sex? You mean with the mouth. I twitched a little. Then she sucked it. Then she sucked the whole thing into her mouth. This went on for only a short time till I exploded in her mouth. My dick was spent now.

At this point, I was bent over at eye level with her pussy. That's just how it has to be. She gave an "Ah Ha. Then I sucked her pink lips. The dark-haired paperboy hoisted his sack, throwing the strap over his shoulder. He tossed his head to get the hair out of his eyes and started off down the sidewalk, tailing something back to Gary and he disappeared from Jennifer's view. Gary shouted back at him and gave him the finger, then hoisted his own paper-sack. With a toss of his blond head to get the hair out of his eyes, Gary started across the street toward Jennifer's house.

She was the first customer on his route. As he padded along barefoot, the bulge down his right leg looked like it would tear through the tight-stretched, threadbare denim. His cock was so hard in his tight jeans that Jennifer could see its head outlined. As Gary approached, Jennifer moved out of view so the boy wouldn't see her. Her heart was thumping and her face was misted with sweat. Her own jeans suddenly felt two sizes too small, for her pussylips had swollen and the crotch seam of her jeans had pulled up between them like a gag.

Her tits had swollen in her red blouse, her hard ripples tingling as the blouse material rubbed against them. Like Gary, she was barefooted, and she wasn't wearing a bra either. Staying out of sight, she peered out the window from the side and watched the bushy-haired teenager come up her walk. He was pulling a paper out of his sack and folding it over. She could hardly think. She hadn't been fucked in six months, not since the day George had been killed, and until this moment she hadn't realized just how unbearably frustrated she was. As she stared at the paperboy's huge, bulging hard-on, her pussy contracted and she moaned out loud.

She couldn't believe it. Instead of just tossing her paper on the porch, he'd rung her doorbell. What could he possibly want? She'd just paid him a few days ago. The doorbell rang again, and she scampered to answer it. Then I wouldn't have to collect every week either. I'd really appreciate it if you could pay every six months instead of every week. Can you give me a check? He smelled of sweat and bubble gum. Freckles danced on his nose. Jennifer stole a glance at his crotch and he smiled suggestively, as if he knew what she was thinking. As she half stumbled out of the room, Gary watched her, squeezing his cock through his pants. Wouldn't mind anchoring my fucker between them legs!

He imagined himself grabbing her from behind and rubbing up against her naked ass, then sliding his cock up her crotch, ever so easy. She was one hot blonde bitch. What an ass she had! She was the one whose husband had got smashed by the crane downtown. She probably wasn't getting banged any too regular these days, and she was itching for it. He could tell by the way she'd looked at him that she was hot for his rigid teen prick. He'd had lots of experience with horny older women who were hot for young cock. He tossed the hair out of his eyes and wiped the sweat off his face. After watching those dogs, he felt like he could fuck anything.

His last ached and served under his lous. Her tit was as happy as her usual was not. As the penalties writhed, unclear and murdering as if they were being held, Jennifer pumped their men, milking out stories of thick white jizz all over her boyfriend and minerals.

He'd known he'd be beating off in the park bushes if one of the ladies on his route that he fucked regularly wasn't hot for his prick today. He had about six regular women on his route who were crazy for paperboy cock. Most of them were housewives. One of them was a grandmother. He didn't care how old they were or what they looked like, just so they knew how to pleasure his prick. Jennifer came back into the room with the check. Her face was red and her hand, shook as she handed the check to him.

She couldn't keep her eyes off his cock. Thanks, widow, he thought. He'd never banged a widow before. He gave her a cocky, boyishly cute smile, the kind of smile he knew turned older women on. I've really gotta go. Time seemed suspended, as in a dream. The boy didn't close the bathroom door. Jennifer stood outside in the hallway, listening for the sound of him pissing in the toilet. Gary dropped his jeans, the only clothing he had on. He put his hands on his hips, looking down at his eight-inch cock as it throbbed free in the air. His pisshole was open and starting to ooze lube. His cockhead shone a glossy, purplishy-red. His prick veins bulged. He knew Jennifer was just outside the door.

Come on, widow, he thought. Stick your nose in here and take a look. You'll like what you see. Jennifer stood near the open door, her back pressed to the hallway wall, her heart slamming. Why wasn't he pissing? What was he doing? She wanted to hear him piss, to know that he Paperboy sucked unzipped him concentrating on his cum and not on the door. Maybe then she'd dare take a peek. The boy's eyes were on the doorway. He wondered what the hell the widow was waiting for. By now the Paperboy sucked unzipped him housewives would have been crawling all over him, or on their knees begging for it. His balls felt like huge hardboiled eggs. His cock was so sweaty and hot he could smell it himself.

Jennifer tried to control her breathing. Her cunt throbbed with each wild beat of her heart. For the first time in six months, she'd forgotten completely about George. All her attention was on the paperboy in the bathroom. Gary grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. His eyes were on the doorway. Edging toward the doorway, she peeked in. Gary was looking straight at her, a leer on his face. He licked his lips. She pulled herself into the doorway, clutching the door frame for support. Unbelievably, the boy's cock was even bigger than George's.

The itch in her cunt was driving her crazy. The boy's tongue hung out when he saw her lust-swollen tits, which dangled under her like water-balloons as she bent forward to wiggle out of her jeans. She peeled the panties off her loins, away from her crotch, and as she stepped out of them the boy snatched them away from her. His cock flexed hard as he pressed the wet panties to his nose. His eyes went glassy. He rubbed the female scent all over his face, on his chest and nipples, on his cock and balls. He took another whiff of his newly acquired panties, then slipped them in his pocket. Then he grabbed her and crushed her in his arms. As he kissed her, his cock throbbed between them.

His tongue squirmed in her mouth. He was shorter than she was, and he had to pull her head down to kiss her, but he was strong and sure of himself. He held her fight, growling as he rubbed his cock against her. His hand slid between her legs and groped her crotch. Jennifer became a mass of quivering jelly. If the boy hadn't been strong, he would have dropped her. His body burned against hers. As one of his fingers slipped up her crotch, she went even limper in his arms, moaning, completely helpless. The boy trembled as he tried to hold her up. You want me to fuck you? Her loins were going to flame and melt.

He eased her down on the bathroom floor, then trial to turn her over so he could fuck her from behind, but she was too heavy and she wouldn't help any, so he gave up. He could fuck her from the front just as well, and that way he could rub against her tits. As she lay on her back, he raised her legs and forced her knees toward her shoulders. Jennifer's cunt throbbed, the fuckjuices bubbling out of it as the sweaty paperboy bridged himself and rubbed his searing-hot prickhead up and down her crotch-furrow. As the lust surged through her, tears welled in her eyes. She reached down so she could spread herself wide-open. As she hauled apart her rubbery, swollen cunt-labs, hot juices ran out of her and down her asscrack.

The paperboy anchored the head of his cock between her cuntlips and settled down on top of her. All eight inches of his teenage cock sank up her cunt. The boy's eyes rolled back, Jennifer's eyes rolled back, and the ecstatic expressions on both their faces looked almost painful. Jennifer clung to the sweaty boy, her fingernails sinking into his back, her legs locking around him as he began to rock between them, as he began to slide his thick cock in and out of her seething pussy. As he fucked, he squirmed in her embrace, rubbing his hard chest against her spongy tits.

His cock flexed inside her with each thrust, and Jennifer's cunt contracted reflexively in response. Waves of heat swept through Jennifer's body.

Her nipples and toes tingled and tightened with fuck pleasure. Her loins contracted and melted with sufked grinding thrust of the boy's cock into her. Papebroy forgotten fucking could feel so good. It seemed impossible that she'd gone six months without this feeling, without the feel of a big hard cock sliding inside her. Jennifer tingled all over with alternate hot flashes and chills. Her toes curled hard. She churned her ass, grinding her cunt on the boy's ramming cock. She gasped each time the boy jabbed her womb. George had never penetrated her this deep. It almost hurt to be fucked this deep, but she loved the hurt.

He picked them up and held them to his cheek. He rubbed his nose in them. He smelled the crotch. Her sweet perfume rose from the cotton to meet his nose. He stood there for what seemed like hours just taking in her aroma. He wiped his face with the panties again and again. He bit the crotch of the panties and licked her juices from it.

Then he unzipped his jeans and took out his penis. He stood there in the apartment hallway, fully exposed and rubbed his penis with the panties. He held them tight against it. He used the panties to stroke himself. He placed the panties on his penis as if it were a clothes hanger, carefully zipped himself up, and proceeded to look for his friend. He walked out the back door of the third floor and onto the landing of the back staircase. As he looked up he could see Katie on the top stair. The stairs were a maze of zigzags with a landing located in between each floor. He walked up to the landing of the stairs Between three and four and stopped.

Katie was sitting on the top step. Her school skirt was pulled Paperboy sucked unzipped him and her legs were spread. He looked directly at Katie's open pussy. The afternoon sun made her wetness glisten. Her pussy hair just barely covered her out lips. Jimmy could see everything. Her ass cheeks were slightly off the steps. Her clitoris was erect and seemed to throb. Her vagina, dark red and the edges and pink in its inner folds opened and closed. Katie said, "Like your surprise? As I sucked, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I moved around on my knees, and moved Ron with me, so I could see better.

There, only 10 feet from us, stood my husband behind a tree and was watching us. Most of his body was behind the tree, but I could tell by the jerk body motions that he was jerking off as he watched. That excited me terribly. Here i was, cheating on my husband for the first time, but doing it in his full view as he jerked off! As I continued sucking Ron, my hand crept to my slit and caused a delicious cum, as soon as my finger came in contact with my clit. Ron was close also, as he pulled my head from his cock, and said "You better stop, I can't take too much more, let me fuck you".

I sueezed his cock shaft as i looked up and said "I want you to shoot into my mouth first, then we'll fuck". Ron let out a gasp as my lips took him in once more. And only seconds later I felt him stiffen and his knees go weak, as hot spurt after spurt of his cum shot into my mouth. I rubbed his balls as he unloaded what must have been at least two shot glasses full of cum for me to drink. I use the shot glass comparison because Bill and I tried it once. When he is really excited, he can shoot almost a shot glass full of cum. As Ron's orgasm subsided, I continued to nurse his shaft.

To my delight, it didn't even attempt to soften, but seemed to get even harder. Ron pulled me up and we kissed. I was careful to keep his back to Bill. Then Ron dropped to his knees in front of me as he lifted my skirt. Oh no, I thought, he was going to eat me and my pussy was still full of Bill's cum from our fuck on the basement steps. I tried to pull Ron up and told him no, let's fuck. But he was already sliding his tongue into my pussy hair. Once he contacted my lips and clit, it was too late. I lifted a leg over his shoulder to give him full access, as I felt my orgasm building. Ron was a good pussy eater and in no time had me on the brink. What also helped was me watching Bill pump his hard cock, fully in my view now, since Ron's back was to him.

He had stepped out from behind his hiding place, allowing me fully view of his fist fuck. I grabbed Ron's head for support and leaned against the tree, as I had one of the best orgasms of my life. Once recovered, I leaned against the tree and lifted my leg, as Ron slid his hard cock deep into my pussy. I came as he was entering me, and had a series of small orgasms that seemed to all tied together. I was watching Bill jerk off over Ron's shoulder as he drove his meat into my spasming cunt. As Ron stiffened and groaned that he was going to cum, I began to cum, as i looked at Bill's cock, spurt after spurt was shooting from his fist enclosed cock and dropping on the leaves on the ground.

Ron emptied a huge load into me as I wildly pumped my cunt against him. I was cumming like crazy. I couldn't believe that after drinking him down first, that a guy could still hav that much sperm left.

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