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Thumb Sprains

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These involve a partial tear of a ligament. The thumb may Ovegextended tender and painful to move, or it may feel unusually loose. These entail a complete tear of a ligament. The sprain may be very painful, and it may be difficult to move the thumb. Below is a 3-D model of a sprained thumb, which is fully interactive. Explore the model using your mouse pad or touchscreen to understand more about a sprained thumb.

Thumb Overextended

Prevention Anyone can sprain a thumb, and there is no way to eliminate the risk. Skiers are especially vulnerable because a ski pole can overextend the thumb during a fall. A skier can minimize the risk of a fall by remaining aware of their surroundings. It may help to practice falling, as this can train the body's reflexes to help it land safely. Grabbing a ski pole for support during a fall may increase the likelihood of injury.

Takeaway It is Ovverextended to dismiss a sprain as a minor injury, but sprains can be incredibly painful. If ignored, severe sprains can cause long-term damage and chronic pain. While a sprain is not a medical emergency, a doctor can confirm that the thumb is not broken and ensure that a person receives proper treatment. With prompt care, most people fully recover and can return to their usual activities. Sprained thumbs are also common in sports that require you to use your hands, such as football, volleyball, rugby, or basketball.

Read about how minor sports injuries can be treated at home. The ulnar collateral ligament UCL is the most common ligament involved in a thumb sprain. This Overextended thumb is at the base of your thumb near your palm at the metacarpophalangeal joint MCPJ. It keeps your thumb from bending too far or dislocating. These people frequently use their thumbs and index fingers to break the necks of small animals, which weakens or sprains the UCL over time. How is a sprained thumb diagnosed? Then your doctor may take X-rays of your thumb and hand to see any damage to your UCL, bones, or muscles, especially if your doctor suspects that you fractured or broke a bone.

They might take X-rays of both thumbs to compare your sprained thumb to your other thumb. Your doctor may also do a stress X-ray. Your doctor may inject a local anesthetic into your thumb if the pressure is too painful. See your doctor as soon as possible after a thumb injury. Leaving a sprain or minor fractures untreated can cause you to permanently lose thumb function.

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Press down on the area of the sprain to keep swelling down. Move your thumb as little as possible to keep the sprain from getting worse. Fill a bag with ice and put it on the area of the sprain to reduce pain and swelling. Wrap the area of the sprain with elastic wrap to keep pressure on the sprain. Keep your hand lifted above your heart to reduce swelling and internal bleeding. Use athletic tape to keep your thumb attached to your index finger. To treat a minor sprain, your doctor will have you wear a thumb spica splint or a cast to keep your thumb from moving. After about six weeks, the splint or cast is removed.

Your thumb will be stiff after not using it for six weeks, so your doctor will then recommend exercises to get back full control of your thumb. Repeat these exercises 8—12 times several times a day. Bend the top part of your thumb back and forth. Hold the base of your thumb and bend it so that the thumb touches your palm. Touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of each finger in succession. This surgery can repair or reattach the ligament and any tissue or bones that may have been fractured or torn out of the joint when you injured your thumb.

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