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Both applications were rejected in June because the company didn't pay the registration fees.

In Septembera Japanese portal service published an article ranking men's favourite fetishes, where Zettai Ryouiki reached into the top of the ranking that was based on a questionnaire completed by 1, male members of the online marketing research service Goo Research. As of Marchthe amount of illustrations tagged under the fashion on Japanese illustrators communities, such as Pixiv [17] and Nico Nico Seiga[18] is more than 10, in total. The day is considered to be the unofficial anniversary for high knee socks. While not specifically celebrating Zettai Ryouiki, the day does focus on a key component of the fashion style.

The agency had recruited about 1, women in total and practiced the campaigns for Green Day shown below, left[29] the American comedy film Ted shown below, middle [30] and others between and This weird advertising technique made headlines on online gossip news media [31] [32] and was also reported in English news outlets such as Kotaku[33] RocketNews24, [34] Daily Mail, [35] Yahoo [36] and The Guardian. Urban Dictionary got a page for Zettai Ryouiki in March Grading System A grading system which defines Zettai Ryouiki in 5 levels by the length of the stockings or socks was originally proposed by a Singaporean's English anime blog Anime Desho Desho?

ADD on September 25th, This ADD's grading system is sometimes treated as the official grading as well as the ideal ratio by Hanataba Terrace, while being modified a little. Chiaki Minami, occasionally worn by Kana at home also the standard uniform in her school in Minami-ke. Matsuri Shihou's excellent Zettai Ryouiki is likely the source of her immortality in Sola. Seems to be a part of the standard school uniform in Zombie Loan. Similarly, it appears to be part of Stellvia Foundation uniform in Stellvia of the Universe.

Yomi in Azumanga Daioh. Sai Hinoki from Betterman fetsih a good example for this trope. Pretty much standard uniform for all female crew members in Starship Operators oscks, but considering it is a Show Within a Showone could blame it on Sex Sells. Fate's Barrier Jacket in the first two seasons, as Ovr, and Nanoha's normal kned non-Barrier Jacket, non-school uniform from those seasons. And the Lieze twins very perfect "A" Grade. And Vita's normal non-combat outfit only OOver, which is sad because she meets both of the added requirements for a Grade S. And Sister Schach Grade A. Yeah, this show runs on Fanservicealright. There's also the strange case of Reinforce, who has Reinforce Zwei, too - who has a long sock on the opposite leg from the original Reinforce.

Young Nanoha sported these in the OP of the first series. In episode 1, just before her first transformation she was wearing a pair of thigh-high socks with a short skirt. Alice since it's part of her school uniform, making her one of the very few main characters who wears something else aside from her undine outfit. Aika wears the variety with shorts in Aria the Natural ep Aseamon Ikeda from the shinigami arc have a grade A, but only on her left leg, because her stockings are of different lengths. The Flash Back episode about Mutsu show that she used to wear grade A when she was younger.

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Fetsih Rita Sior in Sisters of Wellber. Seemingly part of the school outfit on Wocks Days. It's also humorously referred toas an army of school girls Ovsr short skirts activate Zettai Ryouiki by putting on knee socks in an attempt to draw more people to their classroom for the School Festival. This instance is doubly notable as the last comedic occurrence in the anime before things go straight to hell. It's also part of the school outfit in the one Margaret attends in Madlax. And Kagura Tennouzou's school in Speed Grapher. Yui and Haruna's school in Corrector Yui also has it as a part of its standard outfit.

Yui's elemental suit makes the skirt, or even panties, pretty much pointless while initiating, also.

The Blackout Actually care thw Mutsu show that she needed to wear grade A when she was born. Soundly this data Collected in Grandbut anyone looking with the concept can give the original inspired of the war.

Goodman, Setsuna on rare occasionsKu Fei Yuuki Cross, and several of the female characters in Vampire Knight wear these. Motoko the president of Yuki's fan club is also a good example. Mika occasionally wears this. Shiori Takatsuki in the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie. Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance not only dresses many heroines in this, it goes so far as to make an ending song with a repeating resounding cheer of "Knee-high Fight!

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