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18 Under 18: Meet the Young Innovators Who Are Changing the World

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The trick to homing in yojng the right ones is to get youn early. Registration for most summer jobs and internships starts sooner than you might think — as tedns as January and February. Most counseling offices have a bulletin board of job postings and internship opportunities for middle and high school students. Friends, neighbors, youjg work colleagues can be a rich source of summer job ideas. Many towns and cities now have parenting websites that offer plenty of summer possibilities. Have an aspiring vet? Check in for opportunities at your local SPCA. Your soccer enthusiast will likely make a great coach at a pee-wee soccer camp. A bookworm might be happier working at the local library or bookstore, and an aspiring actor could find a role in summer stock.

Good options Here, then, are some of the best outlets to keep your tween or teen from descending into a summertime slump. Summer camps Your tween or teen may consider summer camps beneath contempt, but there are fantastic camp options for this age group — many designed to appeal to teen passions.

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Learn a skill that will pay off later If your preteen qualifies as a Red Cross certified lifeguard or babysitter by taking a class this summer, he may be able to find a job using his skills next summer. Encourage entrepreneurship If your preteen or teen balks at being part of any organized program, tell him to create his own summer job. He can offer his services in the neighborhood as a dog walker, summer gardener, fence painter or one who picks up the mail and waters plants for neighbors on vacation. Help him to design a flier describing services and fees that he can pass out in the neighborhood.

Investigate museum uoung zoo programs. Many museums and zoos offer summer classes and volunteer opportunities for preteens and teens. The San Francisco Zoofor example, has a summer teacher assistant program for to year-olds and a program for to year-olds where volunteers learn to handle animals and speak to the public about the animals. Do you know people who are doctors, lawyers, computer engineers, carpenters or bakers? If you can think it, you can do it. With more than 12 million followers on Vine, his wildly popular videos have landed him endorsement deals as well as book deals.

He also terns merchandise on his website, including teehs, sweatshirts and socks. I just want to use my voice and my power my knowledge to shine light on the darkest topics, talk about what is feared, empower people, and create the best art I can—no matter the form. HAPPY aims to improve the health and wellness of children by implementing programs that teach kids how to cook nutritious meals and promote physical activity. I also want to be an angel investor, a chef and help people all around the world.

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