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Shockoe Bottom

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Between the late 17th century and the end of the American Civil War inthe area played a major role in the history of slavery in the United States, serving as the second largest slave shocmoe center in the country, second to New Orleans. Profits from the trade in human beings fueled the creation of wealth for Southern whites and drove the economy in Richmond, leading 15th Street to be known as Wall Street in the antebellum period, with the surrounding blocks home to more than 69 slave dealers and auction houses. It was reclaimed in after a decade-long community organizing campaign and today is a memorial park. On the eve of the fall of Richmond to the Union Army in Aprilevacuating Confederate forces were ordered to set fire to the city's tobacco warehouses.

The fires spread, and completely destroyed Shockoe Slip and several other districts. The district was quickly rebuilt in the late s, flourishing further in the s, and forming much of its present historic building stock. The district began declining in the s, as other areas of the city rose in prominence with the advent of the automobile. Numerous structures would be demolished and cleared, including in the sthe Tobacco Exchangewhich had been at the heart of the district.

Redevelopment[ edit ] Shockoe Bottom became a major entertainment and arts district in the last two decades of the 20th century. One of the city's major art shocckoe, known aswas positioned at East Main Street and named for its location. District Court is nearby, too, which means the judicial branch is especially well-represented in Court End. The area eventually became the commercial center of Richmond. At first, part of it was known as Scuffletown, likely because of that time a post-treason Benedict Arnold raided Richmond and scuffled with its militia in Alas, Sydney never came to be.

Shockoe bottom Of

The Fan grew out botom the remains of Scuffletown and Sydney, and was eventually defined by its roads. The reason behind its name is something of a mystery, however. A popular shocooe is that the area was named by Ulysses S. Grant in after Andrew Jackson, since other wards were already named after Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. Regardless of how it was named, Jackson Ward gained fame for its thriving African-American community, which was home to strong banks, businesses, and world-class entertainment. However, in recent years it has revived and is now a historic district.

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