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The nearby rail yard brought many travelers and vagabonds to the area.

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New amenities seem to have been placed at random on the beach, and workers have already cracked some of the concrete slabs they installed with their equipment. Beaches+minnasta the s, the area beaches+minnasot used as a city dump. Concerns and controversy[ edit ] South eastern portion of Hidden Beach in August The plans for renovation were made official by the Board in May The opposite side of the gravel path has also undergone rather unsightly bush clearing as well. Much of the road construction debris from the interstate projects wound up as mounds of rubbish along the eastern shoreline of Cedar Lake. Local legend has it that these transients helped create Hidden Beach by filling in the area with rocks.

Most of the railway yard closed by the mid s, and the tracks and buildings were removed. Non-invasive trees were also cut down in order to widen the main path to the beach enough to allow police squad cars to drive through the park.

Beaches+minnasota Nudist

It eventually became a popular nude beach. As always, any beverage containing more than 3. That summer, the beach received a major makeover when it and the paths leading to it were cleared of most of the surrounding buckthorn. With these changes the beach has taken a different character, but is still frequented by many alternative types of people from Uptown and elsewhere. Police are widely known for conducting illegal searches at the beach and issuing tickets to those who are in the water or mud pit, where it was technically illegal to be.

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