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What gives the woman her considerable clarity of impact is the emphatic exaggeration of the limbs, the frontal angle of the head, and the suggestion of the two breasts.

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The color pigments are blended into a base of organic oils and naturally sourced butters along with a rich vitamin complex to provide a rich, high performance gloss that gives a radiant finish to the lips. The painting was done regardless of it. As in the Merion 'Dance', the viewer's imagination is urged beyond the spatial limits. Click Image to view detail. To create more definition, you can use a darker shade to line around the edges of the lips and then blend your selected shade over.

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Add a review Your email address will not be published. The Platonic love that links painter and Nudf was for Matisse a sine qua non of his work: Matisse himself draws attention to the "beautiful matt quality" of mural painting. You could remove the red and still the painting would be there. The painter has come up to his model as if for a close-up, and the background is a mere setting, with no perspectival depths. Each gloss was created with skilfully blended color pigments to create the perfect saturation and depth. A balance has been struck between organic and geometric form, smooth and modelled surfaces, curved lines and straight, colours warm and cold, and it is a balance arresting in its simplicity.

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