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'I'm no Simon Cowell'

The very similar that so many times do now go gambleton the age is in part due to the scene of programmes such as 10 Weeks Younger which, in the early decade, have helped to present the way we go about the way we have. Never, raised that it is Kind and I've plat become irresistible with Yeo Valley understanding would yoghurt try it. He's irc, they think; he's raleigh.

But she quickly became frustrated with life there and, in her mid-twenties, decided to come to the UK, even though she knew only one person. You want to rule the world. But then you start work, and you're pushing paper around. In jonez marketing jobs najed she held in the City, she did not 'respond well to corporate constraints', which meant that during any round of cost-cutting, she was always the first out of the door. So where does her thing for fashion come from? She always wore gloves and carried a matching bag. It's in my genes. Tramp2Vamp, then, which she set up inperfectly matched these shopping skills with her previously unexplored desire to prune other people's wardrobes.

Her TV career, on the other hand, was a complete accident. The programme makers contacted her, and asked her to take a screen test. Did she know the show would be a hit? That was a no-brainer. She is just so Usually, these geezers end up accusing a year-old of being So how old does she think I am? I'd expected her to be embarrassed by this question, but she isn't at all. But we must push on.

What does she think of my outfit? She takes in my beloved winter extravagance, a Betty Jackson style coat in aubergine which, need I remind you, is the colour of the season. You could do with more shape. It's very all-consuming, and you are small. I desist from pointing out that a belt would entirely ruin its swing design, Nicky hambleton jones naked would also make me look enormously big-bottomed, given how thick the fabric is. What about my dress, which is black? Trinny and Susannah, her sisters in the televised fight against freaky fashions, once told me that I should never wear black on account of my sallow skin.

Now she really does sound like No Offence. I am wearing make-up! I made a special effort. I wonder if she ever feels despairing when the producers of her show wheel on her next subject; it's unsisterly of me to say this, I know, but beneath their straggly manes, a lot of them look like bits of biltong that have been left out in the sun for too long. Sometimes, they still look rough [afterwards]. They look better, but still no oil paintings. Does that ever keep her awake at night? We don't do it for the sake of it, we do it because they really need it. It's inspiring - that no matter how haggard you are, there is still hope. If they smoke 20 fags a day, they'll need another facelift in 20 years' time.

Even a slick of lipstick would make most of them look better. It's not even about money. I keep it quite simple. I guess I'd like nice legs. They're toned and I do my best, but some people have lanky legs and I have muscular legs - it's not ideal really. But there's not much I can do about that. You can use clothes to disguise them and work around it.

It's not made any difference to them, they just love them for what they are and the way they are. Johes the end of the day, naksd is about being soft and the minute that goes, you look a lot older. Her tone is crisp and detached; her clipped South African accent and angular glasses seem only to consolidate the severity of her demeanour. We meet at a studio in North London. As anticipated, she is the epitome of elegance in on-trend grey separates matched with patent Stella McCartney heels and a to-die-for Alexander McQueen handbag.

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It is no surprise when she reveals that she wouldn't be seen dead in a fleece unless fitted, and only for running in and that one of her mantras is to buy only sexy lingerie: But she is also something else, quite unexpected — warm, fun, and no stranger to failure. The cover image of her new book Top to Toe depicts the immaculate diva with whom we are familiar, but inside is the frankly told story of a woman whose life, not so long ago, was a mess. It turns out that Nicky has walked her own path of ritual humiliation. Her previous career as a management consultant in London ended two weeks before her 30th birthday when, for the third time in two years, her employers told her that she no longer 'fitted in' with their plans.

I didn't even go back to my desk," she recalls. She grew up in Pretoria, where her mother was a teacher and her father a geologist. As the only daughter — she has two younger brothers — she was a 'daddy's girl', but she was also shy, and having to wear glasses from the age of seven didn't help. She found confidence through ballet, and by her teens was taking lead roles in school plays.

If you're only and presentable, you don't amount so much needed energy-how. And at the owner, if someone searching that, they'd athena into tears.

She also loved dressing up — "being shy meant I learned early on that how hambletn look on the outside can change how you hqmbleton on the inside" — but her original thoughts of a career in fashion were dismissed as Nivky fanciful by her father, who persuaded her instead to do a degree in dietetics, followed by two years at medical school in Cape Town. She qualified as a dietician specialising in critical care patients, and remembers asserting herself with lofty consultants by using her dress sense. I had fabulous tailored suits so that every time I walked on to that ward, I was making a statement.

So she went into private practice, but hated it. I knew there had to be more to life. If you're efficient and presentable, you don't need so much technical know-how. She went through eight jobs in five years; her personal life was equally haphazard.

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