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Please take care of us from now on, we're in your hands. When Negals eyes slightly widened she and Serenity smirked, not that anyone noticed, and Serenity walked towards the wall leaning on it. It hurts like a motherfucking bitch.

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They were Natsume, Ruka, and Jake. In just a few moments, they were gone. Hotaru smirked at her, before walking over and helping her up. As soon as he was out of view, they immediately walked towards the raven-haired genius, Hotaru Imai, in the back. They swiftly, and silently, walked accross the cemented campus, heading straight for the tall trees. Serenity and Venom quietly stared at each other, eye to eye. Sitting on the wind cill were ten men, clad in black.

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So we built a building deep in the forest, which no Newhals, unless they're in Crimson Fangs, knows the way. Hotaru rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's choice of words. Unfortunately, tigers can't talk. Numerous thoughts ran through their heads.

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