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Is It OK to Be Naked Around Your Kids?

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As children age, they certainly develop their own sense of mothe around others, said Micky Morrison, a mom of two in Islamorada, Florida, and founder of BabyWeightTV. I figure that he will one day, and that's OK," said Morrison. And that's OK, too.

It also would bring up questions and conversations they might not be ready to handle," he said. Why I want my sons to see me naked A few months back, a post by blogger Rita Templeton about why she wants her four sons -- ages 2, 5, 6 and 9 -- to see her naked, was republished on The Huffington Post and went viral. Templeton said she wanted her sons to see what "real" women look like before they are bombarded with an ideal in the media that doesn't match reality. Mine," wrote Templeton, who blogs at Fighting Off Frumpy. Her words led to an onslaught of hate mail, nasty tweets and accusations she's sexualizing her sons, she said. Why the people are nude at home? I guess the ask is another one: Why use colthes at home?

We, me and my husbund are naturists and being nude is "natural". The kids growing up "au naturel" is normal, they won't have the curiosity about nudity, mainly about the opposite gender.

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They will growing up without traumas, with strong self-confidence. As she moved round i saw in mirror on the wardrobe door a rar view of her legs and the bottom of her bum cheeks. It was a delightful sight. Some small talk took place, tho i wasnt really listening. I was trying to keep my stirrign erection at bay which by now i think was at semi status. I noticed her look twice at it and some comment about it lucky girls later in life. And i got a real quick flash of her pussy as she truend round and picked up the deep heat off the floor and saw everything. That was toio much and i went fully erect.

She turnd round to apply one last bit and saw my erection. She sat on the bed and put my foot in her lap to massage it and said Oh dont worry, Seen a few of them in my time, tho not as nice. She massaged the ankle only for a couple of minutes then said i best leave you to it then. Stood up put the deep heat on shlf above my bed giving me a quick veiw as she stood over me then leaned over and kissed me on the forehead and put her hand on my tummy. This can particularly help as children hit puberty. And some parents believe that this distinction can help promote breastfeeding acceptance, as well as stop the hyper-sexualization of female bodies.

When it might be time to cover up As with all things parenting-related, just when you think you have something sorted out, it changes. Casual nudity may be fine and good when your little ones are little, but at some point, you might notice a difference in their comfort level — and yours. This is a normal part of development — you just need to be aware and respectful of what your child is trying to express. I need the toilet! Upset that my bath was being disrupted and not wanting to open the door as mom had never seen me naked since I was 5, especially now that I had reached puberty I said.

I bathed you enough times when you were a kid!

Mother of Naked front in

A few seconds later, the door shuddered fromt and the handle rattled as mom relentlessly tried to get me to let her into the bathroom. It seemed so off the wall that I doubted it would work. My heart then pounded as I put the plan into work.

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