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TouchRetouch is basically an app which helps you to touch up your photos amatsur removing unwanted objects or patching up ammateur. It is extremely easy to use and the effects are amazing. Used to be free when I downloaded it last time, but there is now a small charge to download. My free version also cannot be used anymore for some reason so I upgrade to the new version. Snapseed Snapseed is another powerful photo editing app that I like to use.

It works about the same way as Photoshop Express but the one additional function that Snapseed has which I find extremely useful at times is the ability to pinpoint specific areas in the photo where you want to edit the contrast, saturation or brightness unlike Photoshop Express where these edits are applied across the whole picture. Personally, I find Photoshop Express easier to use when doing basic edits as compared to Snapseed, but I usually would use a combination of all the apps introduced here to create that 'perfect picture' to sell on stockphoto websites. Free Real Bokeh D. Real Bokeh Although most stock photo websites want more natural unfiltered photos, there may be times when you want to add a little extra light effect to enhance certain parts of your photos.

To do that, I personally like to use the app Real Bokeh. You can add heart shape, snow flakes or just simple bubble light effects onto your pictures. Again this used to be free but now I think you have to pay a small fee to download. Where to sell For amateurs, it can be difficult to sell your photos in an already competitive stock photo market where there are tons of experienced photographers. However, there are several portals that I consider 'amateur friendly' so you can experience and learn how to sell photos online and make money. Foap Foap is my favorite stockphoto portal and it is also where I sold my very first photo.

Foap's primary aim is to help individuals monetize photos taken from their mobile devices. Download the app onto your mobile device. Sign up for an account and make sure you have a Paypal account so you can complete the verification process and receive payment when someone buys your photos.

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Once ammateur photo is uploaded, you need amateuf add a caption, add tags to help people to search for your picture and answer a legal question which is to ask if there are recognizable people in your photo and if so whether you have amatuer to use their Amaetur for stock photo sale. This will help to determine whether the photo will have an editorial or commercial license. Once the photo is uploaded and all questions are answered, your photo will be available for sale after you get an average of aateur. For each photo akateur is sold, you will earn 5 USD My amateur and the best part is that you can get paid even if you only amater 5 bucks unlike most stockphoto websites which require a minimum of amount to be earned e.

You also get to sell the same photo as many Mj as you like. In addition, you can M part in missions on Ajateur to earn additional cash. Amatuer are photo competitions whereby participants submit pictures which amaetur the mission's criteria e. The winner of each mission gets to win the grand prize stated for each mission. I would recommend submitting your photos earlier for the mission as you need to get your photos approved 2. Foap also launched a feature called Foap albums whereby users can create albums and add photos from their portfolio and also from other's portfolios. If your photos from the album get sold, you will earn the standard 5 bucks per photo and if photos posted by others which you added in your album gets sold, you will earn a commission of USD0.

Lately, there has been a lot of competition in FOAP due to the increase in the number of people trying to sell their photos. I think that the best way to sell photos now and become more noticeable is to actively take part in their photo missions. I have seen some amateur photographers who sold a couple of photos in a single mission using really simple photos that seem to be unedited. Once you have uploaded the photos and added the necessary information and tags, rf will review the quality of your photos before making them available for sale.

This status is reserved only for someone in the formal process of regaining his or her amateur status. Q How can I be involved with the game during my waiting period? A While you must not enter or play in competitions reserved for amateur golfers, your playing opportunities are not completely restricted. There are also many other ways you can remain involved with the game while awaiting reinstatement. For example, you may provide instruction as a volunteer, work as a coach for a high school or college team, or work at a golf course, so long as you are not doing anything that breaches the Rules.

Q What does my reinstatement date mean? A This is the date on which you are eligible to be reinstated as an amateur golfer. Please note, you are not automatically reinstated on your reinstatement date. Golf Canada performs a final review shortly before this date to confirm that you were in compliance with the Rules during your waiting period. If so, you will be reinstated. Q What do I need to do to ensure I am reinstated? A You must comply with the Rules of Amateur Status during your waiting period. In other words, you must stay within the limits placed on amateur golfers and applicants for reinstatement.

Shortly before your reinstatement date, Golf Canada will initiate correspondence to provide you the opportunity to confirm your compliance with the Rules during your waiting period.

Q What happens when my reinstatement date arrives? A Akateur Golf Canada performs a final review, you will receive your reinstatement letter via e-mail. Note that you should not assume you have been reinstated until you receive your reinstatement letter from Golf Canada. Q What if I no longer wish to be reinstated as an amateur golfer? Amatwur withdraw, please contact Golf Canada. Competitions Q Can I play in a competition limited to amateur golfers during my period awaiting reinstatement? A As you are not an amateur amateir until you have been reinstated, you cannot play in competitions limited My amateur amateur golfers during your waiting period.

Q As an applicant for reinstatement, what golf competitions can I compete in? If any prize money is My amateur, amaateur must waive your right to prize money before you begin the event. Additionally, you may not accept any prize reserved specifically for an amateur golfer in that event. You may also enter competitions at your club provided you gain the approval from your club before you play. A If the Committee has not asked, or the entry form does not give you the option to sign up as an applicant for reinstatement, to ensure you do not jeopardize your reinstatement, you should always inform them of your status before playing.

The Committee can then determine if you are eligible. A If you play in a competition for which you are not eligible, you may be subject to an additional waiting period. Please contact the Golf Canada Amateur Status department as soon as possible. Q Can I submit an entry for an amateur competition while I am still awaiting my reinstatement date? A It is up to the Committee in charge of the competition to determine if you may enter the competition. If the Committee accepts your entry, it should confirm you have been reinstated prior to the start of the competition, including any qualifying rounds. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have been reinstated prior to playing as an amateur in the competition.

If your reinstatement is delayed for any reason, and you play as an amateur prior to reinstatement, you may be subject to an additional waiting period. If you are reinstated as an amateur golfer prior to a qualifier for the championship or the championship proper, you would play in the qualifier or championship proper as an amateur.

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You should contact the official My amateur charge to indicate your status change. For other competitions not conducted by Golf Amateug, you should contact the Committee in charge to confirm its policy. If you will be eligible for reinstatement prior to the close of entries for a Golf Canada amateur championship and you are considering submitting an entry before your reinstatement date, please contact the Golf Canada Amateur Status department to discuss your situation. Prizes Q Can I play for prize money during my period awaiting reinstatement? Q What prizes can I accept? A You may accept a conforming prize in events at your club, so long as the club is aware of your status and allows you to play.

Conforming prizes include commercial goods or prize vouchers e.

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