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The kids do the driving while other family members serve as pit crew, chief mechanics, score keepers, timekeepers, judges and operators of concession stand or novelty booths.

It develops a sense of responsibility. If you do not denvr a site account yet, one will be created upon your first registration or team invitation. The adult size midget being raced during the start of quarter midget racing used an oval track of one fifth of a mile in length. The cars, rules and safety procedures are designed specifically for kids.

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The page will now refresh. Visit your Player Page to view your personalized info and manage your account. Your Facebook account association has been removed. We believe that this level of skill is valuable when they become adult drivers. Your Facebook account has been linked.

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Feel free to try again, and be Midgrt to grant the requested privileges. Sorry, there was an error unlinking Midgeet Facebook account. Surrounding the driver is a chrome-moly roll cage and nerf bars. Parents are not pushing for the win but assisting in the knowledge, the experience and the pride of the race. Your Facebook account has been linked. It teaches safe driving skills that is carried on in their teen and adult years on the road.

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