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Adult foster care large group home: Adult foster care small group home: Prior to starting a zoning Michigah, review the ordinance language about AFC homes of all sizes and consider these questions: Are the definitions in the Foxter Foster Care Licensing Act consistent with local ordinance definitions? For example, does the Mkchigan define the number of residents in a small care group home xdult a maximum of six or is it 12? Many ordinances have a limit of six residents or less to be treated as a permitted use.

This may cause confusion because the state licensure for a small care group home provides for 12 or fewer adults. A large group home containing at least 13 but not more than 20 adults may be treated as a special land use in some residential districts or perhaps commercial districts; note that the law allows for communities to consider a permitting process for housing types of similar density. Does the ordinance have separate definitions for small, family, and large group homes or is there just one blanket definition for adult foster care? A definition should be included for each use if they are regulated separately in the ordinance.

The difference between a 6-person group home and a person group home in a primarily residential zone could be substantial and likely deserves a unique classification in the ordinance. There are extensive regulations in this regard. Above all, the building must be a safe and secure place for adults, some of whom might have developmental disabilities or other special needs. There are also specific requirements, such as a minimum size for bedrooms and dining rooms. Obtain the license appropriate for the resident capacity of your adult foster care home. All adult foster care homes in Michigan must be licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services.

To get a license you must be 18 years old and of good moral character. You must file an application with the state, which will review the application and provide a license if you satisfy all criteria for your type of adult foster care home.

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Proximity to friends and family is one of the most important factors. Frequent visits and interaction with friends and family both inside and outside the facility is critical to keep seniors engaged and happy. Access to high caliber local medical resources is also a very important factor. In the case of an emergency, it is beneficial to be close to a hospital that focuses on urgent care and has special services for seniors.

Cancer treatment, memory care, and geriatric specialists are all excellent resources to have near your assisted living facility. Other factors to consider include amenities and activities. Many Michigan assisted living facilities have activities director to help keep seniors engaged and getting exercise. Activities and social interaction are especially important to someone who has made a significant change in their lifestyle when they entered the assisted living facility. Friendliness of the staff and energy level of the residents are also a factor to consider.

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