Mature student regulation

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Mature students

Model of Board of Ztudent Decisions on October Lewd, probation must attend to apply in the next door unless In campground of the course-offering catalogue's stalk, the Relationship Dean will have whether there are prima facie disapproves for review.

Students may apply for credit transfer within the first two weeks of each semester in each academic year. For courses on offer in the summer semester, applications should be submitted one week before the commencement of the semester. Only the number of credits transferred will be recorded on the student's transcript. Students who are so exempted must replace the exempted course with a course of the same credit value. The exempted courses will not appear on the student's transcript and will be excluded from the calculations of GPAs. C- or D to fulfill programme graduation requirements. Students who receive an Academic Warning are not allowed to take the study load beyond the maximum credit points in the following semester or academic year.

They will not be allowed to take the study load beyond the maximum credit points in the probation semester. Otherwise, probation shall continue to apply in the next semester unless Students should respect and observe the regulations of the schools where they take their block practice, and display appropriate professional knowledge and attitude.

Any misconduct, upon verification, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal from the University. Normally, the minimum period for FE probation is one semester. A Case Conference will be convened to discuss the case, review evidences after investigation and recommend remedial work for every failure case. The FE probation status will be lifted, upon the endorsement of the Chairperson of the Case Conference on the student's report. To graduate, students must: Award Classification The Board of Examiners recommends classifications of award in accordance with the following guidelines: Leave of absence The grade F will be recorded on the students' transcript.

Deferment and Withdrawal The minimum period of deferment in each application is one semester and the maximum duration for approved deferment within a programme is normally up to two academic years. The deferment period is included in the maximum period of study as stipulated in 8. A continuation fee per semester is required upon approval of the application. Students will be restricted from registration in a course when they have earned credit units for an exclusive course. All course grades, unless excluded as approved by Senate, are included in the calculation.

The GPA calculation shall not be rounded. Any digits after the second digit to the right of a decimal point shall be truncated. Home Academic Unit An academic unit refers to an academic department, college or school. Mode of Study Students are enrolled in a full-time or part-time mode of study. Operational Grade A course grade assigned for administrative purposes to assist in the management of student records. Prerequisite A requirement that must be fulfilled before a student can register in a particular course. Precursors are set for some courses. Precursors are not compulsory requirements, but students are advised to complete precursors before registering in these courses. Programme The structured academic programme leading to a named award of the University into which students are enrolled.

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Registration The inclusion of a student in the class Matre of a course. Required Course A course that must be passed to complete a programme. University Requirement A requirement set by Senate for all associate degree students, irrespective of programme. Working Days Mondays to Fridays, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and excluding a day throughout or for part of which a black rainstorm warning or Typhoon Signal Number 8 or above is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory.

Regulation Mature student

Academic Regulations These Academic Regulations are made by the University Senate to govern student progress leading to associate degree1 awards approved by the University Senate. Regulations concerning courses and related arrangements also apply to exchange and visiting students. Only the University Senate can amend the Regulations, or permit exceptions, exemptions, or variations from them. Any variation from the Regulations approved by Senate for a particular programme is set out in the requirements for the programme on the University website.

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