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Instructional videos Masturbation

Many individuals with Ijstructional follow rules well and understand those types of boundaries. Make sure everyone who works with that child Masturbaion the established rules as well. Keep in mind the cognitive level when teaching concepts. Does the person understand abstract concepts? Think about how the person learns best: How to deal with masturbation? Be specific about when and where masturbation can happen. Say which bathroom is fine and which ones are off limits. Same goes for bedrooms — which ones, with the door closed, and shades drawn if the window faces the street.

When can masturbation take place?

What materials can be involved i. Do some detective work on when masturbation is a problem. Recognize when it happens and see if it occurs within the context of another activity. Consider clothing modifications like belting pants, no sweat pants, and check for medical problems if masturbation is occurring frequently. For young people that are sexually frustrated, provide assistance in the form of instructional how to videos, lubricants, or appropriate sex toys. Provide alternative sensory input such as deep pressure or a tactile activity like a stress ball. An OT should be able to provide some ideas. Talking to parents can be hard no matter who you are.

Monitor also what the person is watching. Are they learning inappropriate sexual behavior from TV, movies, or music videos?

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