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Who is the other young guy, and how does he manage to get himself spanked every single week? Little does he know, Julie's been thinking about him, too. He spanjing learn a painful lesson--that keeping secrets from your wife will always get you in the end. Will Henry let the bad memories bring him down, or will he dominate his past in a whole new way? Jere Haken Biography Jere Haken is a lifelong spanking enthusiast who enjoys stories about bright red bottoms on men and women alike. And if she enjoys the lesson?

When he meets a devilishly handsome angel there, things really start to heat up! Jordan likes to talk about spanking—a lot—and Mike is more than a little interested. After he accidentally glimpses a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs, his imagination runs wild. Jake is sick of the arrogance, but what can he do besides fantasize about giving his friend the good spanking he deserves?

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When Crystal discovers her husband's secret femdom erotuc, she prepares a birthday surprise that he may not be man enough to handle. His lover, Allen, decides to take him in hand. Little does he know, the boss has other plans--plans to turn his younger brother over to him for discipline! However, all may not be as it seems.

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