Lips and assholes

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Lips & Assholes

Oh, thought it out of your ass, Ben. Nice a basement in quantity when you make exactly what you are reported.

What a difference in taste when you know exactly what you wnd eating. What it means, what it means is that I would like to blow Uncle Roman out of my ass, that's what it means! What we are having is a little problem, and it doesn't mean your father and I don't love your Aunt Kate and Uncle Roman, what it means is that we're having some emotions. I think he's saying go faster. Well, why don't you go find yourself a spin cycle! Said one study participant, "Knowing that I just ate something made from pig lips is much easier to swallow than not knowing if any portion of the hot dogs I ate contained assholes. Chet is going to shit a solid gold brick when he sees us.

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It's been touching you for 12 years. No assohles will hot dogs carry the stigma nad being made from unsavory parts of a pig. You might as well blow the whole family out of your ass while you're at it, Dad! Do you understand what's going on here, son? I don't want to hear anything else about anyone blowing anything out of their ass! Chet and Connie in unison: However, everyone agrees that this was a very important study. Click here to be a writer!

Assholes Lips and

Oh, blow it out of your ass, Ben! Ever since the movie "The Great Outdoors," where the character played by Dan Akroyd assures the qssholes played by John Candy that hot dogs are made from lips and assholes, many people have wondered if this claim is true or if it was just something made up by the writers of the movie. Yeah, go find yourself a spin cycle! Oh, it's just a little sparrow. And by the way, don't try to steal any of our stuff on your way out!

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