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If it's a brilliant Lesbiane with a great director and a great script and everything else, then why not? As if you weren't cool enough, you recently told the press that you stuck up for gettih brothers when they were being teased for being gay. Just being able to play characters like Carrie who are vulnerable and scared is more of a stretch for me and more of an acting job, which I find particularly a bit more interesting. It's relevant because of the things that have been going on, and it strikes a deeper chord than it did in the '70s. Did someone ask me?

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What was it like working with Kimberly Peirce? I think that is a community that, when they recognize you and accept you into the fold it is one that is very, very true and honest and they are very supportive. We caught up with Moretz to chat about her gay brothers inspiring this take on the iconic character, the queerness of Peirce's reimagining and why people think the getttin is Lesbiahs lesbian but shouldn't. It strikes a definite chord within us because we have seen these kids who have been pushed so far and have been so isolated and so ostracized within their communities that they eventually emotionally combust in several different ways: There's no context to the video; it's literally just you debunking a lesbian rumor.

I do it because I know what's right and I know what's wrong, and I grew up with my two gay brothers who were completely ostracized and manipulated into thinking what they were feeling from the time they were born was wrong and sinful and potentially life-threatening. She's an absolutely brilliant director and she taught me so much as an actor, especially not being scared to jump into things. And the sadness about this movie is, it's what you've seen in real life; it's just portrayed on a screen.

I found that enlightening in a way, and refreshing compared to a lot of male directors who just want, you know, sex in LLesbians movies Lesbains they think that's what hits the teen community. Reach him via his website at http: Did you have them in mind while you were playing her? Does the lesbian question come up often for you - not because you have two gay brothers, but because I saw a YouTube video of you simply stating, "I'm not a lesbian"?

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